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TCU Pro Day - I Spy......

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Without having to look them up:

    Brandon Hassell
    Collin Jones
    Reggie Harrell
    Coach Z
    Jerry Hughes

    I think this is an awesome pro day tradition. Well done, Coach P.
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  2. For as badly as we do the spring game, we do the pro day very well.
  3. There was one year where they opened up practice to the public(may have been Pachall's last year), I enjoyed that more than any spring game.
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  4. Hope Hughes or Doctson pulls him aside and ask "Wth you doing Boykin?"
  5. Wait - Story? As in, JaJuan Story?
  6. Yes. You can do that. Wasn't healthy last year
  7. That is a great time for Curry and Gray, maybe they will have a future.
  8. Great 40 time for Story. He is NFL size. Hope he makes it in the NFL.
  9. He should if he stays healthy. Incredible blocker, great leader and good teammate. Will impress in interviews.
  10. Wow was that electronically timed? Gray is not surprising, but Story that is Randy Moss Esque.
  11. Story going to be New England 6th round pick to play special teams
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  12. Story looks like he can play LB.
  13. Gray is kinda surprising considering the knee and how we used him this past fall or didn't use him...
  14. Those are some fresh kicks.

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