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TCU played the 5th Hardest Football Schedule in 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. LSU played Florida, Auburn, Georgia, and Alabama and their schedule was easier than ours????
  2. You have to realize we almost certainly aren’t hiring a new OC at this point.
  3. in all honesty bama was down this year
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  4. And ATM!!!!
  5. Yeah that's not right. I don't care what it says.
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  6. 5-7 TCU being ranked ahead of the 10-2 SMU team that beat us is...well if it was anyone else I'd be laughing at it but nope, I actually like this quite a bit.
  7. I remember when roddog used to hang his TTU sombrero on Sagarin. Now the frogs can just beat them on the field, which is nice.
  8. Maybe they take into account what team you are. We sure had the team to make our schedule look brutal.
  9. Whatever helps you sleep at night.......
  10. they also played Northwestern State, Georgia Southern, Utah State, Vandy and Arkansas, Ole Miss...
  11. We played Pine Bluff, Purdue, and Kansas.
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  12. looks like we’re ahead by two...
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  13. It’s a computer model. There really isn’t an argument to be made that it’s wrong because it outputs what it’s programmed to do. If the algorithm is wrong, it’s wrong. But it’s wrong for everyone. The program isn’t creating biased information.

    It’s like complaining to your tax prep software. Wait, I do that. Bad example.
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  14. With the 130th best offensive coordinator in the FBS.
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  15. That just means that we lost to teams with winning records. Our losing helped them look stronger. If we had won half of our one score loses, our schedule would not look nearly as strong.
    We helped a lot of teams look strong through the years like ut, a+m, arkie, etc. by losing to them for 20-30 years in a row in the late 60's to 90's. We made them. They should give us credit for making their record/reputation look good. Arkie would have never been acceptable to the SEC without us. Just like LSU, Alabama, etc. get propped up by Vandy and the other weak sisters in the SEC every year. And Ohio State beating Indiana, etc. every year. During the OU - Iowa State game, the announcers threw out a statistic that Iowa State was something like 6-72 vs. OU over the years, the most lopsided series in Division 1 football. Interestingly enough, 2-3 of those Iowa State wins occurred in Norman. OU would not be OU without Iowa State.

    That's why it has to be particularly galling to the longwhorns that we are something like 6-2 against them since we started playing regularly again. Their reputation has taken a big hit with no regular in conference pushovers...……..

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