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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog Wild, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. TCU will be having online classes for the rest of the semester, per Chancellor Boschini.
  2. I think most universities are doing this as well.
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  3. Any news on graduation?
  4. from announcement today

    I know you have many questions. In particular, we have not made a decision about commencement at this time but will do so soon.
  5. Feel pretty heartbroken for all the seniors.

    What a disappointing way to wrap up your college career.
  6. A lot of schools are doing this, and I think it is a workable solution for most classes, but I was a biology major and chemistry minor and spent as much time in labs as I did in class. How are you supposed to learn anatomy or quantitative analysis without labs.
  7. Why would you not make this a week by week decision or make exceptions for students with labs and schedule lab time for individuals.

    So, do you just go home until Fall? Is everyone that doesn’t live on campus able to break their leases. Do the ones that live on campus get a refund for room and board?

    Not a whole lot of logistical information provided......
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  8. you want to run a University week to week from an operational perspective?
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  9. Are they shutting down on campus student housing as well? I know there’s a number of students, particularly foreign students, still on campus.
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    UTA cancelled spring commencement but the graduates will receive their diplomas. I would imagine TCU may follow that path. I think that’s what many are doing.
  11. Universities are run by academics not business people so yes.....
  12. My dad is a 74 year old professor and has to start doing this. Cracks me up thinking about him trying to figure out how to get this all set up to teach online.
  13. So? Universities take even longer to adjust
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  14. He should have YouTube come to his house to film his lectures.
  15. Understand that all dormitory students are being asked to schedule a time to come back and clear out their stuff from the dorms. If the student has gone home to Austin or Longview or such I can see that, but wonder what about the students who have gone home to Boston or Los Angeles or such. The staff at TCU sure has a lot of challenges, and it looks like they are doing a pretty good job of coping.
  16. where have international students been living and where do they go?
  17. They are still living on campus as before after filling out an online request to stay post-Spring Break. Now if they want to/have to stay, they need to submit another request with the understanding they may need to move to another dorm to consolidate the holdovers.
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  18. I feel selfish saying this but my daughter is scheduled to graduate from TCU in May. Man it just kills me thinking my family won’t get to see her walk. I was joking with her that they could set up a stage in the center of ACS and have someone run up to a podium and place each students diploma there and then walk away and then the student and their parents could walk into the stadium and the student could get their diploma and snap some quick pictures. We’ve been waiting for that day for 22 years and now it is likely to never happen.
  19. I don't think you're selfish saying and thinking this. My brother was the first to graduate from college from my family, and I can still remember the excitement we felt heading for college station (sorry about that) to share that moment with him. This is an experience that can't ever be repeated for these Seniors, and your daughter sure has my sympathy.
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  20. I've been waiting to cheer for my little sister to cross TCU's stage for four years now... super disappointed assuming it doesn't happen. She would be graduating with a 4.0 and I was ready to cheer my loudest. It hurts
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