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    Checking in from Stillwater and looks like we need a game thread.

    Frogs going full storm trooper today. This year's white jerseys and white pants with the Peach Bowl helmets (solid white with no stripe and a purple chrome face mask).
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  2. Keeping my ears open for news on Big V. Anyone got anything?
  3. I'm assuming he's not playing until proven otherwise.
  4. Agree with Moose...I doubt we see V today. We need good games from Noteboom and Pryor
  5. https://twitter.com/TCU_Equipment/status/662996735766065152
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    And your first assignment is Ogbah. Yeesh.
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  7. Anyone see a gameday video yet???
  8. Pick 6 for Kindred on OSU's first possession!!!!
  9. I really like how our left tackle rotation has worked out over the past handful of yrs. Basically, any new starting LT probably started at RT for at least a year prior to that.
  10. Peach Bowl Uniforms. Peach Bowl results.
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  11. Any update on OSU's starting CB's and DE?
  12. I've heard through the grapevine that as of Thursday he was in pain and probably not gonna play. Hopefully that is bad intel obviously, but my guess would be that he doesn't play.
  13. I've always liked OSU and think their fans are some of the best in the big 12. I hope both teams play hard today and stay healthy.
  14. No update at all. Won't know until kickoff. OSU insider hasn't responded to questions all week regarding injuries to those 3. Normally if they were good then he would address, but his avoidance of inquiries suggests to me that they all are not 100%.
  15. As a HC I would assume you have to determine at what percentage does your dinged up starter become worse than his backup. Also have to take into account whether you run the risk of making the injury way worse by playing a kid before he's ready. Tough calls.
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    Yep and you have to factor leadership on the field too. Vaitai is the unquestioned leader of the offensive line. More than just production you lose.
    Thats why I freaked out about Kindred initially as losing him would make our already shaky secondary even more so.
  17. Bet we don't see him against Kansas either. He will be ready in Norman and we will need him badly.
  18. Only for home games
  19. I'd treat next week as an off week for anyone that isn't as healthy as we want them to be. If we beat OSU today, and then OU and Baylor to end the year few will care whether we beat Kansas by 30 or 50.
  20. Defense holding strong so far!

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