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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Endless Purple, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. I was looking at the game thread, and I realized how sad this site can get.

    There were many good plays both called and executed. There were also several mistakes made by some players, namely several dropped passes. Catching some of those and the offense will have looked great against a fairly good Purdue defense.

    The offensive line played well, Good run blocking and often very good pass protection. Duggan just needs more time to read the defense, which will come with experience. He is a true freshman after all.

    Duggan made many smart plays, and I liked the block he threw to help spring Anderson late in the game. He looked good on some of the play action as well - good coaching.

    Last year there were issues, but it looks like Cumbie has brought in some changes to the offense, and we are starting to see a little of it. There were quite a few good aspects that only require an open mind to see them, not the "OMG he dropped a pass, Cumbie sucks and needs to be gone, etc..". Doubt they see this, but a good job to the coaching staff.
  2. It is a fan forum after all. We absolutely dominated the TOP, run game and defensively we shut them down. But 75yds passing will get some complaints and Sonny has earned a lot of those. Some of it is understandable considering that he’s a first time OC and the majority of the issues were dropped balls, but when you only pass for 75yds on Purdue people gonna talk about you.
  3. I think the game plan changed when we figured out DA and Sewo could run for a 10 ypc avg. Why show more wrinkles of our offense if we don't have to? Had we not been moving the ball well all 1st half we'd have seen a lot more passing attempts and yards.

    I also think things will look different with Barber and Barkley running routes.
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  4. We should've known to RTDB once their best D-Lineman and best LB didn't suit up.
  5. The game plan changed alright. We were running successfully after not passing all that successfully. As far as I’m concerned, you do whatever is working to win the game. Running the ball is always best option as if chews up the clock. It tires the opposing defense. I loved watched Sewo and Anderson have at it. If we could win every game that way I’d be delighted.
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  6. As far as the passing game goes, the good news is that we had open receivers running all over the field the whole game. That's step 1. For the most part the protection was terrific as well so check the box on step 2.

    It's steps 3 and 4 - delivering an accurate pass and catching the ball that still need work.

    Hopefully Barber and Barkley getting back will help along with added experience for Duggan as the season progresses.
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  7. Agree, but......

    Imo, we tried to show some new wrinkles but the receivers couldn’t catch a cold so we went to a more run focused offense. Not saying we wouldn’t run more on Purdue regardless, just saying that if the receivers were catching balls and the QB wasn’t throwing a 95mph fastball for short gains and incompletions then it may have been a bit different.

    Duggan looked great, but he could use some help on not Bret Favre(ing) every pass regardless of distance.

    -armchair QB

    Btw, I really like Duggan
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  8. I feel like I see more dropped passes ever since Doctson left... wonder why...

    Jokes aside, there were some dropped passes that could have led to some big plays
  9. I hear you. Passing stats were abysmal. I thought the drops were bad, but the passes were worse. I also think that's something Duggan will improve on as he gets more reps.

    I really like Duggan too. I see a ton of potential in him. We'll need better accuracy moving forward.
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