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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Jared7, Aug 24, 2020.

  1. Another great result for Norrie. Shapo will be a really tough matchup on grass.
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  2. Shapovalov ended up beating Tiafoe early this morning which set up a semi against Norrie which is now underway. Cam went down an early break, but has regained that and it now stands at 3-all in the 1st set. The Tennis Channel is covering the semi at Halle but is switching back and forth. This is a key match for Cam - another final awaits if he can win.
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  3. Cam now leads 7-5, 5-3 and the Tennis Channel just switched live to his match. Serving for the finals!
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  4. Norrie wins 7-5, 6-3!! Standing ovation for the home-town fave! Into his 4th ATP final and his 3rd final in the past 2 months!

    Berrettini's next!
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  5. Huge win! Super tough match next, but winnable
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  6. I’ve got Norrie moving up to #34 with that win. And even better, if he wins tomorrow, he will move up to #29. I don’t know when Wimbledon does the cut off for rankings, but I would hope this tournament would count. And if so, Norrie will be a seed at a GS if he wins tomorrow. Amazing.

    That being said - Berrettini is a tough draw on grass. He’s going to serve better than anyone Norrie has faced yet and will be more consistent than Shapo while hitting the ball just as big. Having faced Karatsev is a nice comp though
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    Yeah, Berrettini is the top seed and it's well deserved because he's ranked at ATP#9 and hasn't lost a set en route to the Queen's Club finals. I'd have to say he's a big favorite (just like Tsitsipas was over Cam at Lyon). It's not impossible that Cam could win, but I'm not necessarily expecting it. But...he's the only Brit to even make the finals at Queen's Club other than Andy Murray and Tim Henman since WWII, and Murray was the only winner. He'll be the fan favorite. But is that enough? Up to #12 in the UTR; a potential Olympian and a possible seed at the Slams are some major accomplishments for this particular Frog.

    Norrie and Demon had their semi-final doubles match suspended because of darkness and they'll also play tomorrow. They're trailing 6-7 (3-7), 2-all...

    One thing that won't happen at Wimbledon is Cam having to face Nadal because he just withdrew.
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  8. Norrie lost the final this morning at Queen's Club to Berrettini 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 3-6. He won the key 2nd set tiebreaker to force the 3rd set - the only set Berrettini lost all tourney, but Berrettini rallied to take the 3rd set and the match. So, that's 3 finals made and 3 finals lost by Cam in the past 6 weeks. Which is a good redcord, but not what we hoped for. Eastbourne is next; then Wimbledon.

    Norrie and de Minaur also lost the semi-final doubles match 6-7 (3-7), 3-6 to Opelka/Peers.
  9. Norrie should consider withdrawing from Wimbledon.
  10. Is this a joke I don't understand?
  11. No. That was me a few termies deep after being in an airport all day thanks to cancelled/delayed flights.

    I meant to say he should withdraw from Eastbourne to prepare for Wimbledon
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  12. Good call Jake. Looking at the Eastbourne draw and it looks like Norrie has withdrawn. He's not alone, as there are a ton of lucky losers in the draw now, including Alastair Gray. He'll square off against #87 Ilya Ivashka tomorrow.
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  13. The problem for Norrie was one of timing due to the compressed schedule for the grass season. The French Open was delayed for over a week, which pushed Queen's back and forced Eastbourne into the week immediately prior to Wimbledon rather than its "usual" two-week before slot. Cam would have had to almost immediately play Alexei Popyrin after going so deep at Queen's. jake was right. Meanwhile, Gray got into the qualies for Eastbourne, beat Kwon Soon-woo 4-6, 6-2, 6-3 but lost to James Duckworth 3-6, 6-7. Nonetheless, he has advanced. This will be good experience for Alastair.

    Rybakov is the 5th seed in Switzerland and will play Leandro Riedi tomorrow in the Round of 32.
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  14. Gray loses 2 & 6. Eight double faults did not help. Not a terrible result though. Played three top-100 players this week, won one of them, and didn't look totally outclassed in the two losses.

    Speaking of being competitive against top-100 competition, Lui Maxted got a wildcard entry into qualifying and lost 4 & 6 to world #94 Norbert Gombos.
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  15. The Wimbledon draw will be on Friday, June 25th. Cam Norrie has surged all year in the rankings but fell just short of the coveted Top 32 to ensure a seed. He's 34th, as of today. But there is still a possibility that he could get a seed because Nadal has withdrawn and if one other player ranked higher than Cam does so as well, it could happen. A seed would guarantee that he wouldn't have to face a top-ranked player until the Round of 32, but it might be a case of "be careful what you wish for" because a 32nd seed could mean Djoker in the 3rd round.

    Alex Rybakov lost today in Switzerland to Riedi 6-3, 6-7 (4-7), 2-6 in the first round of singles. Obviously, the 2nd set breaker was key. He and Martin Damm won in the Round of 16 this morning are into the quarters in doubles.

    Alastair Gray and Luke Johnson lost (5-7, 3-6) in the Round of 16 in doubles this morning at Eastbourne.
  16. Can’t be the best if you can’t beat the best. Might as well play Djoker and see what happens.
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  17. That's a very good argument in most sports, but the way tennis is structured, one can be the "best" if they can beat someone who beat the "best." Isner (or Monfils or whomever) taking out Djoker before the bracket faces him against Cam is my by far preferred option. And I'm not sure that I'm really at the point where I think Cam should be striving to be the "best." All year, I've just been hoping that he goes deep often and continues rising in the rankings so that he could get a seed in the Slams and I've rued the multiple times he's had to face Nadal. It kind of says something that we've arrived at the point where we're expecting him to be the "best" (i.e., the top-ranked player).

    He was asked by the British media a day or so ago whether he wanted to be the U.K. "#1". He replied that being the British #1 wasn't important; being the world #1 was. So he's already there with you.
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  18. In the only remaining Frog action this week, Rybo and Martin Damm are into the quarters in Switzerland, having won their Round of 16 match 6-1, 7-6 (7-1) earlier today. They'll now face Nicolas Moreno de Alboran and Fabian Fallert tomorrow morning.
  19. Wimbledon draw is out. Norrie is the #29 seed!

    He gets a below average draw, little bit of a tough first round with Pouille. Then gets Krajinovic or Bolt. And then the big one, Federer in third round
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  20. <<eyeball_emoji>>

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