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TCU Football tweet (Kaz)


It‘s a few showy words to an audience of impressionable kids, which words he now will be judged on by those kids. If that turns you on as an adult then you have a lot more to dig into from America’s slurry of college coaches, motivational speakers and televangelists.

don't be bitter that a single kaz tweet draws more attention than a month of barry articles
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Bob Sugar

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403, 404? Whatever it takes.

Limp Lizard

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Still trying to understand what “growing” means huh?
Just what he said. Their bodies will not be fully grown until they are at least in their mid-20's. What Michael Irvin calls "man weight" will be added on, for instance. Literally, they are big, but they are still growing. Both physically and mentally.

The retirement plan stuff was a little weird, I'll admit.


These are kids...their brains don't usually work well yet. Now, generally speaking, when they come out of High School they can't even make change.

Sad, ain't it?


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I’ve gotta admit that I’m excited to see where his programming takes the team. I used a program developed by him and a few other trainers when applying to jobs in Air Force Special Operations. The workouts were obviously geared towards different objectives, but the results were positive.

Kaz also seems like he’s going be a good motivator for these young men. My hopes are certainly growing about the next few years for TCU football.


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A 403(b) is a tax advantaged retirement plan available only to employees of non profits and government agencies.
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TCU students and players would never be eligible for 403(b) plans with NIL or on campus jobs
I am sure that is what Kaz has been funding given his past employers which is why it came to his mind as an example. I don't think he was attempting to give retirement planning advice to college students.
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so the fact kaz doesn't know his irs tax code sections is what some of you got from that?
Well, as a technique I would stay away from topics that really are not strongpoints. I guarantee there was a least one player that probably does know at least a little bit and ”he” said, “what”?