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TCU football 2018 vs 2019

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LeagueCityFrog, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. I'll continue to put comparison stats below on this thread between the last two seasons.

    Over the last two seasons, Gary has now lost to every Big XII school in just a two season span. Let that sink in. We lost to a bunch of new coaches fresh to the Big XII. We lost to the perennial worst power 5 program Kansas who was [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] canning their coach.

    The complaints going into last season were Cumbie's play calling, the strength and conditioning program, and Gary added that they had a locker room full of bad attitudes.

    This year the same stuff continues. The first two items persisted and were actually worse by our 5-7 record then substitute the last category with a quiet, reserved senior class being led and motivated by the underclassman, Blacklock, Wallow, and Bethley.

    We should pray for Gary to have the wisdom and courage to do what needs to be done. He, with the financial help of the supporters on here, and the continued support of the Chancellor, has built an awesome college football empire. If Saban doesn't let newly minted SEC head coaches beat him, Gary should not either. Next year is his 20th year as the Horned Frog head coach and there is no reason TCU should not be competing for champions. Gary in Coach P mode calling that defense and firing that side of the ball up is not the issue.


  2. Here is the NCAA link for stats. It won't be updated again until Sunday, but it does have all D1 teams' stats compiled through 11 completed games. I'm a numbers guy and this stat below is what has killed TCU football the last two seasons coupled with an ineffective mix of our highly penalized team the last two seasons and an ineffective line opening holes and a general decline of our senior running backs production. Jet since his freshman year and Sewo since the Cheez-it Bowl.

    1. There are those who believe that we should see improvements from week to week, and from year to year. The last two seasons have seen little improvement from week to week (if any), and in most cases obvious regression from the mean.
    2. It's not like we changed systems completely. The playbook wasn't substantially different. Yet, players were out on the field stumbling into each other. This did not improve as the season progressed.
    3. As a unit, the Offense has performed badly. For two years running. This has bled into the performance of the other units. Kelsey's tweet was entirely correct: This is a TEAM issue. The team as a whole is being badly served by the leadership.
    4. Sonny Cumbie is responsible for the Offense. That means that the shortcomings we can all plainly see are his, and no one else's. The greater issue of the TEAM is the responsibility of GMFP alone.
    5. GMFP has let this fester long enough.
  3. Someone else on here suggested the other week that TCU should invest into an in house analytics team. We throw money at Cryo chambers and endless amounts of offensive and defensive analysts, some of which come back to TCU and beat us at home in football, see SMU football for details.

    This analytics group should record every play we do in every scrimmage and live games as the season goes on and give Gary and hopefully the new offensive coordinator a weekly success report of what the 2020 TCU football squad does best against various formations.
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  4. We do that already

    every program does that

    Not game changing
  5. do we use the data?

    see the same problems again and again on both sides of the ball
  6. I don't know if Chad Morris is the answer to pair with Gary's defense, but Clemson was 6-7 the season before he got there in 2011. Clemson under his offense rattled off 42 wins.

    We just lost our 7th game yesterday. Hopefully, we can have the same year over year turn around like Clemson had in 2011. We also have a very favorable 2020 football schedule to do it.

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  8. We ended up #28 in Total Defense.

    We ended up #62 in Total Offense.

    If that TCU offense could have found a way to stay on the field more, Gary would have fielded at top 15 defense in 2019.


    Gary is now creeping up on the coaching hot seat rankings too. He used to be a regular near the bottom of this list with Saban and Dabo. Tom Herman is #1. List still has to be updated tomorrow for last weekend's nonsense and the coaching firings this weekend too. Gary will probably jump up a little bit more.

  9. no just one crazy guy who fires off mediocre G5 suggestions.

    I think the offensive progress at Indiana is much better than whatever Tulane has done this year.
  10. I’m less than mediocre at remembering who posts what and too lazy to look it up
  11. College Football is like technology..Schemes become obsolete about every 3 years. You have to continue to evolve them...I’m not convinced that Morris has evolved
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  12. to your point, he does post the same random candidates over and over again.
  13. 2018 vs 2019? $ucks vs $wallows?

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