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TCU Fall Semester

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog Wild, May 29, 2020.

  1. Per Chancellor Boschini:

    "We have decided to begin the semester a week earlier, on August 17 and end the on-campus portion of the semester before Thanksgiving on November 24. December 10 is the final deadline for grade submissions, graduate student defenses and other project work. We will end classes, final exams and other on-campus activities by November 24, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving."
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  2. no problem moving the semester up and actually like that they are making an announcement of campus being open and operational this fall
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  3. Look for all the B12 schools to fall in line. UTerus had already said something about the Football schedule being amended (don't remember where I saw that).

    New Football Season schedule to follow.

    Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!
  4. Just curious as to why.
  5. UT was the first Big 12 institution to adopt this general academic calendar. Follows plans by Notre Dame, Purdue and others announced last and earlier this week.
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  6. A resurgence of COVID is most likely to align with flu season. By sending everyone home for the semester at thanksgiving, you eliminate thousands of airport travelers risking exposure and the back and forth from thanksgiving to campus and then back home.

    This really makes a lot of sense.
  7. Boise St told their kids not to come back after Thanksgiving and finals will be held on line.
  8. How do you get your commercial truck drivers license online?
  9. To be fair, I am not disparaging truck drivers. They provide an incredibly important service to our country that goes unacknowledged.
  10. I believe they want to eliminate travel time for students (when you leave for Thanksgiving you won't have to come back).
  11. Where will the resurgence come from? I mean, if we see the hospitalization numbers continue to drop even though everyone in dfw is basically back to normal behavior-wise,why will they suddenly resurge after thanksgiving? I don’t understand this concept well. Seems like there should be a resurgence now?
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  13. God I would have a 4.0 GPA had they had this back in the early 90s.

    Instead I had something called a "blue book" and I had to memorize a bunch of stuff and write long essays to test questions.
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  14. Yes.
    I took classes from Dr. Tucker & Dr. Flowers.
    Two blue books Each.
  15. Dr Tucker was the best professor I had in 4.5 years. He’s one of the few I respected deeply and wanted to learn from.

    It’s possible we are talking about different people. I have no idea when you were there in relation to when I was.
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  16. Class of ‘81
    Dr. Spencer Tucker

    And I too did the 4.5 thanngg, got mono my Sophomore spring semester, spent 2-3 weeks in Health Center, had to withdraw. Did an extra Fall ‘81 to grad that December so year group still looks normal.
  17. There have been about a dozen Dr. Tuckers at TCU in the last couple of decades. Are you speaking of Tucker 1, Tucker 2, Tucker 3, or .....
  18. Same Tucker. Great man. Tough professor.

    I got attacked by a bee mid-lecture. He did not love the disruption.
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  19. Exactly. Good call by the school on this decision.
  20. i assume they are banking on the warm weather staving off any repeats, and an immunization by Spring semester...

    The real questions are: Will the dorms be at full capacity? Will the classrooms be at full capacity? What will Rush look like?
    Not to mention football games. On campus meeting groups capacity? Study groups? Will some classes be completely online?

    Too many questions......

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