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TCU EMBA Program News

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    Let’s see how fast we can screw up this thread. Just received the following email message:

    Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and that this message finds you and your family healthy and safe. I am sending this quick note to share some news regarding the latest global Executive MBA program rankings by

    The Economist

    Before getting into the news …

    On behalf of the TCU Neeley EMBA faculty and staff, I would like to thank the following cohorts for participating in the 2020 rankings survey.
    • Class of 2017
    • Class of 2018
    • Class of 2019
    • Class of 2021
    We appreciate each of you for taking time during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic to support the EMBA program. We were able to meet the required participation goals for each class before the original deadline and did not need the deadline extension that was granted.

    Please note that The Economist has excluded the graduating cohort from participating. Thus, the Class of 2018 and the Class of 2020 did not participate in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

    Now for the news … ( … drumroll sound …)

    I am happy to announce the TCU Neeley Executive MBA program remains among the best programs in the world. We moved up the rankings and remained in the top 20.

    Below is a quick snapshot of the results.

    Where did TCU land in the rankings?
    • Global rankings - We moved up from #18 to#13!
    • United States – We moved up from #8 to #4among programs based solely in the US.
    • Texas – We didn’t move up on this list… because we were already #1!
    What makes TCU a top 20 EMBA program?

    TCU ranked #7 among all programs in Personal Development & Educational Experience, one of the two major ranking categories used by The Economist. This ranking is driven by the quality of the faculty (#4) and program quality (#5) rankings. In addition, we continue to be ranked among the top 10 programs in:



    Alumni fulfilled pre-EMBA Goals — 2

    Student ranking of faculty — 2

    Teaching quality — 9

    We moved up into the top 10 in the following categories:



    Facilities — 1

    Program Content — 8

    Program Relevance — 8

    Gender balance faculty — 10

    Which programs are among the top 10 US-based programs?

    Below is the list of top 10 programs based solely in the US.


    1 Cal-Berkeley

    2 Northwestern

    3 Yale

    4 TCU

    5 Cornell

    6 Michigan

    7 Washington University (St. Louis)

    8 Columbia

    9 Arizona State

    10 Georgetown

    What is the rank of the other programs in Texas?

    Our position among the Texas programs hasn’t changed. Yet, the other Texas programs saw some changes. Below is the list of Texas programs ranked in the top 70.






    TCU 13 — 4 — 1

    Texas A&M 37- 21 - 2

    Rice 44-25-3

    UT-Austin 45-26-4

    SMU 47-27-5

    Rice, UT, and SMU dropped in the rankings while Texas A&M leapfrogged (pun intended ) all three programs in their first appearance in The Economistrankings.
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  2. Trump did 9/11.
  3. Trump did a porn star.
  4. I'm impressed.

    The aggies will put up a banner, SMU will cry.
  5. How much is a TCU EMBA?

    I wouldn’t attend in person

    Because they won’t let me carry...... my gun
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  6. I would suggest that it should be no cost to the student. Sponsorship is the way to go. I think when I did it the price was $90K or so. I would expect you’re looking at $125ish by now.
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  7. I was looking into going back for an MBA until I noticed my friends who got them stayed in the same jobs.
  8. These are the kind of good things that happen when you have professors that have real life experience and aren’t a bunch of liberal whiny babies that live in a fantasy world.
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  9. When I was doing my EMBA most students were sponsored so they had an 18-24 month commitment. Almost all of us are doing something different for a different company or industry.
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  10. One of my favorite memories was when one of our prof’s felt like a certain student was bored and disengaged (supply chain). The prof called him out and he said he was bored. That fella had sold his logistics company to Walmart for millions of dollars.

    But we had about half TCU profs and about half visiting profs. All were excellent.
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  11. Paid about $8000 for my MBA. Beat Harvard, Kellogg and Wharton teams in the online mock corp competition. But ended up going straight into law school afterwards making it pretty much useless.
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  12. Got my MS in Supply Chain from TCU. Had a bunch of EMBA classmates. Pretty good group of guys and gals. Profs were tough and it was totally worth the money. ROI is about 3 years if you keep your living costs the same before the degree... but you know, make more spend more...
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  13. Just a really smart analysis is all I can say.
  14. I use things I learned from the EMBA program almost every day. Sometimes it can get me into a little trouble like yesterday when I predicted a collaborative agreement with a software company was likely an early move toward an acquisition because the agreement forced the company to open its books for a more refined evaluation and due diligence. My division lead told me that I "can keep some things like that to myself" (and then he chuckled). I'm showing two commercial teams their ROAM table later today since its the last day of the quarter. Picked that up in the EMBA. Would say that the majority of stuff I use came from the classroom but a significant percentage came from student interactions and learning from processes at BNSF, Bell, Snap-On Tools, WalMart, TXI, and other companies.
  15. I used to do business stats math at parties for a while, but then I met my wife and settled down.
  16. On behalf of the TCU Neeley EMBA faculty and staff, I would like to thank the following cohorts for participating in the 2020 rankings survey.
    • Class of 2017
    • Class of 2018
    • Class of 2019
    • Class of 2021
    How about a shout out to the class of 1974?
  17. Love their comment on where we rank in Texas:
    – We didn’t move up on this list… because we were already #1!"

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