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TCU DL About to be sick!!

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by DaCrief, May 31, 2017.

  1. This dude next to Blacklock??? Can't wait! {Bart Scott}
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  2. I really was afraid the post was going to be some thing else.
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  3. Like what?
  4. The Hong Kong Flu.
  5. Do t know about you, but my instinctual reaction when I hear the words "about to be sick" is to pull over and get the drunk SOB out of my car as fast as possible.
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  6. Trying to move those weights would make me sick, too. Or worse. I really don't blame them.
  7. Blacklock looking thick, solid, tight.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. My ex-sisterinlaw threw up in one of my boots once.
  10. Is that why she's your ex SIL?
  11. Lawdie, I surely hope your foot was not in it at the time.

    Yuck City.
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  12. Nope - other circumstances. But, she ruined my Acme boots which were the most comfortable that i have ever worn. However, the boots were sitting upright in the rear floorboard, so it probably saved my upholstery.
  13. I would've given her the boot. Literally and figuratively.
  14. I think a post got deleted somewhere..?
  15. No, we're really that unfunny.
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  16. It's going to be funny when people grow up and look back at stupid words they came up with to how good something was.

    I still cringe when I hear "groovy" in an old movie and think we actually said it.

    But then I was never a totally hep cat or rad dude.

    I did have pneumonia once though and I was really sick! It was not awesome...
  17. [media]
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  18. Cringe
  19. Stay groovy - us cool heads still say it.

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