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TCU basketball


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Anyone by chance have any of these games on tape I’ve been looking for many years. I will transfer them to dvd and make you copies if could borrow them.

TCU vs #18 Texas Tech 12-14-96 espn
TCU vs Perdue 12-30-96 espn
TCU vs Tulsa 3-7-97 espn
TCU @ Notre Dame 3-18-97 espn
TCU @ Hawaii 1-19-98 espn
TCU @ SMU 1-26-98 espn
TCU vs Tulsa 2-1-98 fox sports net
TCU vs Hawaii 2-12-98 espn
TCU vs SMU 2-16-98 fox sports net
TCU vs #11 New Mexico 2-21-98 fox sports
TCU vs Rhode Island 11-9-98 raycom
TCU @ SMU 1-11-99 espn
TCU @ Colorado st 1-16-99 espn plus
TCU @ UNLV 2-22-99 espn
TCU vs Tulsa 2-27-99 espn2
TCU vs Nebraska 3-15-99 espn
TCU vs Oregon 3-15-99 espn


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I might have the NCAA game v Florida State on VHS somewhere. I certainly never want to see it again.
I'll never forget one of the MJs throwing up an alley oop on an uncontested fast break for the other MJ who didn't anticipate and we didn't get the score in that game in Oklahoma City. We win that game and we would have faced Valpo and likely been in the sweet 16.