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TCU Baseball retro logo

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by AddRan Clark, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Google hasn't helped me with this, hopefully y'all can.

    I'm looking for a retro TCU baseball logo. It's basically a frog with a hat/baseball mitt. Ebbets Field Flannel used to sell stuff with this logo, but they apparently sold out or don't sell these items anymore.

    Anyway, I figured if anyone in the world had a good scan/copy of this logo, it would be someone in this group. Thanks.
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  2. no way that is the right one, not even our school colors of black and anthracite
  3. Nailed it. Thanks a bunch. I'm going to try and get a t-shirt maker around here to put that on a shirt.
  4. Prepare to be roasted for having nostalgia for a logo of era in which we weren't as privileged of a program as we are now.

    No CWS, no stadium just a field, no beer sales, no Lodolo, no Lamendola, no nothin!
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  5. XL please
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  6. There were seats
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  7. Yep.
  8. Worth noting that there usually wasn’t anyone in them however.
  9. so no different than the lower bowl of the football stadium
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  10. Also true if not implied
  11. My ole lady saw that image online and decided to make me a shirt with it.


    Front and right sleeve
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  13. Del Conte is asking for his royalty share.
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  14. The olds will remember our baseball field as the place coeds went to sun in the stands in the spring. The sights were outstanding. Baseball was occasionally ok.
  15. Do you have a copy of the image that was used for that shirt? It would save me some time doing the conversion.
  16. Don't cut corners on your conversion. Follow the process. The preconversion psychological counseling is very important. Best of luck.
  17. Yeah I do. She drew it freehand on her iPad to help digitize it. Let me grab a copy of it and I’ll send it.
  18. That's amazing, thanks.
  19. Good luck. I’ve been to countless places trying to get a Flying T logo on a hat. No one will touch it.

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