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TCU #85, 111 in ESPN top 150 College Teams of All Time

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. When you consider all of the teams over the years, tens of thousands, not bad really...
  2. Hard to argue those aren't the two best teams in TCU history, and they're probably ranked about right. Only real omission there is the 2014 team but...I'm not lighting up the Wex signal.
  3. first, who hacked steel's account?

    second, is this where we note 2 tcu teams on the list and only 1 smu, 1 atm, 0 tech, and 0 baylor?
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  4. I certainly can't pretend to know who the top 150 teams of all time SHOULD BE but I'll go out on a limb and say that Division 3 Mount Union is probably not worthy of being on that list.
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  5. Outside of OU and Texas we're the only other team on the list in the Big12.
  6. I’ll go out on a limb and a 2012 Mount Union probably stomps 1930s TCU if we are comparing actual size And teams. I think they are comparing strength of them versus the chedule they played, not against the entire field.
  7. That's obviously what they're going for but still, a Division 3 team seems waaaaay off the reservation. I noticed Grambling and North Dakota St in there too and didn't mention either of them because at least they're still Division 1.

    Might as well find a NAIA to stick in there along with Mount Union.
  8. Everyone gets a trophy.
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  9. Everyone but Tech and Baylor...
  10. IMO Peach Bowl team beats Rose Bowl team at least 2 out of 3 times.
  11. Very good chance of it. I think the 09 team was better than 10 but they didn't close the deal. Hughes and Washington on that defense makes them a better matchup with the 14 team.
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  12. The 1932 was pretty salty. 10-0-1. Tied LSU in Baton Rouge 3-3. Beat SMU in the Cotton Bowl 8-0. Outscored opponents 283-26.
  13. I have heard it several times that the '32 team would have been NC if the rating systems of today existed back then.
  14. Yes. However to TCU's credit they have not hung a natty banner for '32.
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  15. You may be right. But my god did I love that Rose Bowl team. It was just.....different winning that Rose Bowl game. But Peach Bowl team was more exciting for sure.
  16. Agree completely
  17. I think the 08 and 09 teams were better than the 2010 team. The 2008 team pretty much had everyone the 2009 and 2010 teams had, but with guys like Robert Henson, Jason Phillips, Stephen Hodge and Blake Schlueter. 2009 team had pretty much everyone the 2010 team had but with Hughes, Washington, Sanders and Priest. The 2010 team just had the most seniors at the right positions.

    The difference being the schedules - the 2008 and 2009 Mountain West was far stronger than the weak 2010 iteration. And of the 3 years the 2010 non conference schedule was the easiest.
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  18. There was a HUGE difference between Sophomore Andy Dalton and Junior Andy Dalton. While 08 and 09 had a lot of the same guys, several of those guys in addition to Dalton were better football players in 09 than they were in 08, especially on offense.
  19. That 08 team was...really good, but had some flaws. I watched Bradford absolutely demolish them, and I don't that happens against the 09 or 10 team. I also don't think the 09 or 10 teams leaves the Utah game up to the kicker either.

    Absolutely agree about the 2010 schedule. We really only had 1.5 "good" teams on our schedule that year (I maintain the Oregon State team we beat was way better than the Oregon State team that played most of the year without the Rodgers brothers) prior to the bowl game, which is why we were set to be jumped by Boise before Kapmagic.
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