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TCU -3 against KU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by SuperTFrog, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I know KU is down this year but honestly I never thought I would see a game where we are favored against KU.
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  2. Truly amazing.

    Self will have his guys prepared tonight.

    These are the type of games we let KU reserves have career type nights. Watch out for Lightfoot and the bench to be fired up.

    This is a monster game for our psyche. Cmon Frogs!
  3. What universe are we living in? Unbelievable. I just read that in our first three seasons in the Big XII, we won a total of 6 conference games. In the not quite three seasons under JD, we've won 20.
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  4. What?!?! Time to make some easy money.
  5. Betting the under?

    I wouldn't touch this line. I can see it going either way. I do think I'd be surprised if both teams score in the 70s, though.
  6. Probably the kiss of death

    Just kidding. Maybe.
  7. We did just score 92 on the road, and Iowa State gives up less per game than Kansas.
  8. Kansas was gracious enough to give our basketball team its first Big 12 win, so who knows?
  9. I'd love for you to be right, but one game can't be a trend for me yet. It's an anomaly until we start doing it with regularity again. We've struggled to score consistently since Hawaii and the WVU and ISU games stand out drastically different than the other games since. We may have just turned a corner, but I'm not ready to bet on it just yet.

    FTR, I'm not betting against it either.
  10. We win by 12
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  11. It sounds silly but I'll go with that. Frogs are pumped and they know 17 pro scouts will be there. From the opening tip, there will be no doubt. For the first time this year, it will be capacity and they will be into it, so GoFrogs. Would love to hear that chant again.

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  12. If there's ever a year it's gonna happen, tonight is the time
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  13. Is that from Kstate 2014? Best Go Frogs can’t I can remember was from Utah 2009. Seemed like it went on 5 minutes after the cheerleaders stopped holding up their signs
  14. We are coming off a statement game in Ames and you can tell by the line that Vegas read it...We are also very resilient at home...I like us tonight in a close one...
  15. I got one for tonight, "free" to a Frog (will cost you the white shirt on the seat). LMK.
  16. If you’re on 247 someone is needing on there. I’ll pass them to this thread as well
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. So ISU was our first road win against a ranked team in 21 years. When was the last time we won back to back games against ranked opponents? Tonight could be a cool night for some program milestones if we can pull it off.
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  19. I am not on 247 but would welcome the recipient
  20. Posted on that thread to look here. The screen name over there is PlanoFrog

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