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TCU 0-3 at home

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by NewFrogFan, Oct 24, 2020.

  1. Anyone remember a record like this in this century?
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  2. We’ve lost 6 of our last 8 at home!
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  3. Lost 5 in a row at home. Unacceptable. That's a million dollars a loss Gary.
  4. Complete Joke.

    Thank the lord we did not play SMU this year.
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  5. SMU is in the AAC and they're still better than us.
  6. Still might!
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  7. We need a bout of the Ro, the Hiv, the Hep, the clap or something the week before for adequate grounds for cancelation to make sure we don't.
  8. We need all the games we can get to “grow em up” for next year
  9. I sat in the AGC in the 70’s.. you don’t know what real pain is....GP will fix this..
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Or cal!
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  12. Losing 5 straight at home is pretty 70s-like

    not scoring more than 7 when the game wasn’t settled is pretty 70s-like.

    GP has had the chance to fix this after 2018 and 2019 and went out and hired......JERRY KILL.
  13. Dude!!!! I freakin LOVED that show...hysterical British comedy...Allo, Allo.
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  14. Has Gary blamed the fans yet?
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  15. Does that apply to the coaching staff too?
  16. GP has been saying the team is very young for 6 years! That bs excuse doesn’t fly anymore!
    We suck because of coaching !!
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  17. I used to think that and said it many times on here and then his solution to the problem was to name Jarrett Anderson (who was previously reassigned--again) to OL coach, hire Doug Meacham (who he had already demoted) to the play calling OC, and hire a guy whose offenses had not been known for an original idea since the 1940's to oversee and handhold all these comfort hires. That was a turning point for me and thus I no longer have faith that he is committed or even interested in fixing the problem.
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