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T. Boone Pickens

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by 4th. down, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. Big news up here in Tulsa where I work..About 10-12 co-workers who are all OSU season ticket holders. University can’t wait to spend all the money they just inherited. I met Pickens on several business projects and he was always kind. RIP indeed
  2. I had a single meeting with Boone Pickens around 1990. I was a 20-something whose job was to interview high-net-worth people for non-profits ahead of capital campaigns for goal-setting purposes. Often, I was treated like a nuisance, and understandably.

    Pickens could not have been more gracious. Gave me a solid 40 minutes in his office, with his full attention, offering thoughtful answers and shooting straight about his giving intentions.

    When someone treats you well without having any reason to do so, it reveals a lot. I was totally impressed; not surprised to hear Froggish speak well of him. RIP
  3. Didn't read every word of that article. Did he leave a large sum to Ok St beyond what he's already given?
  4. One of my favorite quotes (and a personal motto of sorts) is "people remember how you made them feel."
  5. Yes...He has a very large Life Ins policy that was left to the university
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  6. was that part of the pitch i believe boone made to the school to insure several of the large donors?
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  7. If you had tx on the 21st I’d quickly change that bet to OSU.

    RIP T. Boone
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  9. Yes that’s correct...I believe it was how they funded their incredible new Baseball stadium
  10. Frog fans I believe owe T-Boone a debt. In a way he was our champion when A&M left for the SEC. Didn't he say the the B12 powers that be "Let's add TCU and be done with it."

    My man.
  11. RIP indeed. T. Boone was a benefactor to many great causes, in addition to OSU. He was also a major proponent of TCU joining the Big 12. He had given many speeches at TCU and was an advocate of the TCU Energy Institute. I hate to bring this up in this thread, but I hope he never had any ill will towards the university following the tragic passing of his grandson (not that the University could have done anything). Fort Worth and TCU always seemed to be allies with ole T. Boone. May he rest in peace.
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  12. Gone with the wind.
  13. I have the priv to meet with him multiple times. And he was kind enough to speak at an event for me.
    Appreciated how he shot me and others straight.
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