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Sunday Game: Frogs v Hall

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Pharm Frog, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Hall strands the bases loaded in T1
  2. Hall balk scores Watson who doubled and advanced on a Guenther ground out. Frogs lead 1-0 despite being on a pace to issue 18 walks today
  3. They are also on pace to win 8-0. :)
  4. Not any more. 1-1 with nobody out and a runner at 2B
  5. BW picks off a runner at 1B but Guenther throws it into LF and Hall leads 2-1
  6. Can't anybody here play this game?
  7. It will not be noticed but Rizer saved us in the first inning because Wolfe had misjudged a deep fly and Rizer screamed back back back and Wolfe got there.
  8. End of 2 down 2-1
  9. Third straight inning Hall has its leadoff man on via hit. Two doubles and a single
  10. Hall strands it leadoff man and it remains 2-1 Hall
  11. is there a radio link?
  12. Stupid base running but Frogs have Oviedo on third with one out. I guess we didn’t need Goodloe on base anyway. Oviedo called out at home but under reviews
  13. Call overturned and game tied 2-2
  14. Was a doubleheader played on Friday in anticipation of the weather issue Saturday or was that just the way it was scheduled from the outset?
  15. Weather related. End of 3 2-2. Frog bullpen has two arms warm
  16. Fourth consecutive inning that Hall has a leadoff hit
  17. I would prefer he make them hit it than walk them.
  18. You’re getting your preference.
  19. Eissler ready to go when needed.

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