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Sucking Refs


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I mostly fault Miller there. The refs looked stupid because they rewarded Isaacs' flop and then played it back in slow-mo for all to see.

Miller could have gone strong to the hoop and scored, but he wanted to saddle Isaacs with a foul, so he hesitated, trying to get Isaacs to elevate. Didn't work.

The refs saw through Miller's ploy, so they gave the Tech guys slack with contact on the floor. Miller is fouled, but the refs swallow their whistle situationally. A player wants a call in the double-bonus, he needs to make a play and not just keep ball-faking.

So, Miller finally goes up, looking for contact. Isaacs does his stunt-man fall and the refs buy it. Then they do the review. Would have loved to have heard their conversation at that point. Everyone can see they've been had, but maybe there was non-zero contact.

Apparently, refs are allowed to call a foul and a flop (for embellishment) on the same play, but the flop rule calls for a warning on the first offense. I think justice would have been to call a held-ball or, minimum, to waive off the F1. But I'm guessing that player-safety politics give them no latitude, so they doubled-down on their weak call. Points made a difference in the end.