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Spoke with a Coach today about TCU bball.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Francis Xavier, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Easley is leaving. Dont panic. We got the vandy guard, and apparently, we have one or two more big surprises on their way via transfer route in a good way..
  2. Honest question.....how does all this player movement affect academics and progress toward a degree stuff? Or is that another thing that is overlooked because of COVID and nobody really cares anymore?

    It's beyond ridiculous at this point.
  3. My opinion: once they leave it isnt our problem. Nor should it be. This transfer thing is absurd I agree.
  4. the only player i think would trigger panic upon their leaving tcu is miles as everyone else is pretty much someone we keep waiting to produce on a consistent level

    in response to evans and the surprises, well, we heard someone on the staff had really positive things about dennis and we heard about easley and we heard about ledee and we heard about o'bannon being able to play 4 and will wait until next fall because we keep getting told about recruits and transfers and aside from mike......
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  5. Reminds me of a story I heard about a young bride who went to a marriage counselor with a serious problem.

    "Doctor," she said, "my husband and I have been married for six months, and...well.." she took a deep breath to continue. "...well, after six months, I'm still a virgin."

    The doctor was astounded. "Does your husband have some medical problem that...uh...prevents him from..."

    "No, Doctor. He's fine and healthy," she replied.

    "Well, then," he continued, "is there some kind of marriage strife that prevents your consummating your marriage?"

    "Oh, no, Doctor, we're very, very happy!" she responded.

    "Maybe it's his work hours. Does he have to work at night? Or long, long hours and is constantly stressed?" The good doctor was obviously searching for answers.

    "Doctor, he has a great job with wonderful hours and benefits. He leaves the house at 8:30 every morning and is never later than 5:30 getting home, and he gets four weeks of paid vacation every year."

    Perplexed and somewhat exasperated, the doctor exclaimed, "Then what IS the problem? Why are you still a virgin?"

    "It's the nature of his job that causes the problem," she sadly replied.

    "His job? What do you mean, 'the nature of his job?'" Now the physician was really confused.

    She sighed and said, "Well, Doctor, he's a computer services salesman, specializing in cloud-based systems." She paused, almost too moved to continue.

    "And so..." the doctor said, trying to help her.

    "Well, you see...every night at bedtime, he just sits on the edge of the bed, telling me how great it's going to be!"
  6. I think you left off the punchline...or copy and pasted the wrong joke. Post the funny one.
  7. sounds like one of those jokes Sheldon would tell on Big Bang that only astrophysicists get.
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  8. Just add "ba-dum-PUM!" at the end...

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  9. With all the one and done's in basketball over the past many many years (all teams, not TCU specific), I already gave up on that sport being about academics. I still have a little hope for football and baseball for the majority of the students in them do work towards a degree.

    Before people jump on - I know many students do graduate that play basketball. I just seems a very high percentage, compared to other sports, do not seem interested in graduating.
  10. Are you the marriage counselor and were you speaking with maniac's wife?
  11. I'm not replying to what you stated in your post but in the manner on how you chose to reply. No capitalization of names, no commas, improper grammar, use of numbers instead of letters, unfinished sentences with the assumption of everyone knowing what you mean. Are you a TCU graduate? I know your smarter than what you seem to portray on your post. It is a reflection on you sir.
    I dont normally critique post like this but Eight's post just got to me. Sorry for the rant.
    Go Frogs!!
  12. I laughed at this.
  13. Ironic post is ironic.
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  14. all good
  15. train of thought posting its a talent.

    no disrespect intended as a matter of fact eight and shreve wex and others amaze at their knowledge across different sports they could be skip bayless
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  16. And the irony continues.
  17. want to make it known i have never frequented the gay bars of dallas hoping to catch a glimpse of troy aikman nor do i have a brother who is james beard award winning chef
  18. Is there another Skip Bayless?
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    (insert comma)
    (Insert comma)
    (Insert comma)
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  20. Improper sentance structure of your critic of my critic of another poster.

    See how this works?

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