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Some Things Don’t Change

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Prince of Purpoole, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. 1. Penalties kill drives
    2. Settling for field goals is a recipe for defeat
    3. Gus Johnson is an asswhip
  2. Haha. Riff Ram app. I don’t listen to those clowns.
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  3. Fixed
  4. Lost a ton of respect for Joel and Gus today. Non-stop UT worshipping was unbearable.

    Cherry on top was Gus talking about a 1990 UT/TAMU game - who freaking cares. Horns and Aggies forever stuck living in the past.
  5. Gus talking about a nothing UT-ATM game in 1990 is like the AP writing about the UT-TCU record in the SWC...I mean wth? Who cares?
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  6. Most of the time I’m okay with everyone’s opinions because they are just that: opinions. But anyone who holds the “opinion” that what we heard today from Gus and Joel was anything other than repulsive and unprofessional is simply wrong.
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  7. My problem with Gus is and always has been that he’s just a cliche machine. In addition he contrives excitement and forces in stories and little epigrams that he clearly wrote out before the event. He doesn’t let the game come to him. That whole thing of UT player nicknames was embarrassing to hear.

    Klatt is Klatt. He worships the blue blood programs. Listening to him kvetch about calls on UT as though the Frogs didn’t have the same crew calling penalties on them was comical
  8. Liked for epigrams. Guessing it’s like a vignette, maybe? Will look it up.

    I like words. ;)
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  9. Ya just gotta love and enjoy the pain caused by beating Texas this often. ESPN just ran a game story and concluded with not an interview with the winning QB, but the losing QB. Graphic running at bottom of screen: “Texas loses to to TCU while ranked in top 10 for first time since 1961.”

    Damn cockroaches.
  10. It’s all Ελληνικός to me
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  11. I scheissing love Gus Johnson!

  12. Don’t know how it will end with ISU leading OU, but the narrative beginning tomorrow will be: “BIG IX is in a down year”.
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  13. Sat w/ 2314 for that game. Great memory. Enjoy the good times while they are here my friends.
  14. Well I guess someone has to
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  15. Think that's old news !
  16. CBS show College Scoreboard, or whatever it’s called before the primetime game kicked off showed a few highlights of the game. All UT plays except one, Max’s TD run. That was a only TCU highlight shown.

    If you had the sound down, you would’ve thought UT won.
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  17. I think my favorite was on the lead-in the ESPN guy said "Texas losses to winless TCU". Normally winless is used when you've lost quite a few, not just one.
  18. But it was so bad...

    I got up and went to work in the pasture after the last UT TD. I figured that was it. But, I took along a little radio with me just to listen to something while I fiddled away. All I could get was the UT broadcast team, so, I was stuck with that. Funny thing is, they were far and away better than the FOX clowns, who were so awful in the UT tongue-bath that the 'mute' was hit about 30 seconds into the game.

    The UT radio crew's call on the game-deciding fumble was pure comedy gold, in that they went from elation, to shock, then down to denial, then pained acceptance. The subsequent nonsense took long enough for me to drive back to the house, get back to the TV room and open a beer before we had to run out the clock.
  19. if they said, "Garry Patterson's team" 10 times, it was five times too many.

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