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Snyder get 5 year extension at KSU

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. An 83 year old coach. That will be something.
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  2. Good. That keeps them away from GP (not that I think he'd leave anyways), plus Snyder's a good classy coach that's good for the conference.

    *I reserve the right to retract this post if some sort of horrible revelation comes out
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  3. lifetime contract
  4. Guessing this is for recruiting? Regardless his contract status recruits are going to wonder if he will still be coaching in five years.
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  5. You just have to like the guy. One of his former players has 160 coaching wins.
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    Coach Snyder better stock up on paper and pens. He has many more post-game notes to write.
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  7. Congratulations, Coach Snyder...you are an asset to the league and to all college football.
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    And in other news, Bill Snyder's children all seen together today celebrating at a Manhattan cigar bar.
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  9. When they extend his contract, do they chisel the new date on the original tablet?

  10. Bingo. We have a winner.
  11. Which game will he die on the sidelines during?
  12. Have a friend who is a long time KSU doner and an enormous fan of Snyders. However, he is the first to tell you that Snyder is holding the school hostage until they give in and allow his son to take over as head coach. A huge portion of the fan base that is frustrated with Snyder hanging on this long.
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  13. Not it
  14. Unreal.

    Does he have a bet with Ruth B Ginsburg?

    I'm convinced they just prop her up there at this point .
  15. My God man, that is dark...
  16. That was George Allen.

    Learn from the past and avoid the Gatorade shower.
  17. I dunno, Kate McKinnon is pretty limber.
  18. I havent heard that opinion from the ksu faithful
  19. Ps. Donor spelled that way made me giggle.
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