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SMU week is dead. Welcome to Kansas week.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by AustinFrog, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. I hate loosing. I hate loosing to SMU even more. As a Frog I am hurt, angry, and a little sad. I have opinions on how it happened and agree with a lot that has been posted about the OC, HC, and team. However, that is not my role. I am an Alum. and life long fan. We are 2-1. The 1 sucks. But there was a time it would take 3 seasons to get the 2. So this is how I am going to do my job a Horned Frog.

    1. Leave coaching and personnel to Gary. He is proven time and again to be worthy of our trust. He is GMFP, he is our coach and head of the Horned Frog Football Program.

    2. Manage my current sunburn. It was hot and as always, Sung both Alma Maters.

    3. Gargle. Hopefully my voice will come back Monday or Tuesday.

    4. Get in my car Saturday @ 5 am and drive to TCU in time for Frog Walk. Then try and see how much vodka I can get in my OJ at tailgate.

    5. Follow the band in, wait in the NE corner for the drumline to play.

    6. Be in my seat. Kneel for the invocation. Stand at attention with hand salute for the National Anthem. Sing the Alma Mater.

    7. Yell until my voice gives out in support of the Frogs.

    8. At the end of the game. Stand as the team comes over. Sing Alma mater.

    That’s it. Simple. That is my primary role as a fan. Support my school. Win or lose.

    I know it sucks right now, we are hurtin. But think of the players and coaches, you know they are hurtin even more.

    Now is the time for us, as Frogs, to stand up. To unite as 1. Be the Horned Frog Nation. This team is young, and things didn’t go as planned. This team needs its fans now more than ever. The season is in the balance. We can sulk, with our heads down, and turn 1 lose into 2, then 3, then 4. Or we can stand up. I trust Gary will have the Team ready to do its part. Will you?
  2. Left side of my neck and face is burnt beet red, right side is the normal color. I'm going to have a weird ass tan when the sunburn goes away.
  3. I've never tried loosing but maybe I can talk Mrs Pharm into trying it. I might not hate it as much as the OP depending on what it is.
  4. Not sure anyone really wants their wife "loosing".
  5. Maybe true...don't know for sure. Probably one of those Urban Dictionary things that get me in trouble about every other year with HR. The last one that got me was when I used the phrase "jack slap". I recall my grandfather telling me he'd "jack slap the tar out of me" if I misbehaved. Apparently, it has another meaning or two now and it's not about the old card game either.
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  6. Had to look that up. Seems to be a myriad of meanings, all interesting in their own way.
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    Grammar and spelling aside - I agree with the OP.

    I have been a TCU fan ever since I can remember - literally. I will die a Frog fan, and I will not give up on this team, now.

    Saturday, I will get up early and drive to Fort Worth, sit in my seat and cheer for my alma mater - just as I have all my life.

    One game does not a season make.

    Go Frogs!
  8. Thanx for this thread. Was becoming quite annoyed with all the Whiny posts and spoiled brat t-shirt fan talk, when you don't win every game.
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  9. Try Ex-Lax.
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  10. Unfortunately that’s the expectation of too many. As I predicted in July, Duggan would be tossed to the heap before conference. Who’s the next great QB whose bandwagon will attract many and be abandoned by most within a month Come sign with TCU!
  11. The FRogs will get it together this Sat. Then begin to roll. Out of town games are always good. Coach P has their attention in places like Manhatten, Ks. and Stoolwater. Players know season is on the line.
  12. Do not sleep on Kansas....
  13. scheiss kansas
  14. I don’t recall us playing great football in Stillwater or Lawrence or Ames or Norman. Perhaps I’m wrong
  15. I got a paper straw.
  16. Damn communists.
  17. Come find me next game....
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