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  1. stand by
  2. Week 3. Iron Skillet. Take them one at a time. Finding out more about our team.

    Practice was good on Sunday. Told them 2005 story with loss to SMU.
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  3. Perception of Arkansas is its a big win. Its a good win. People handle failure better than success. We have a tough schedule. Anyone can beat us.

    4 game season - then you can rest. They all count one.
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  4. Surprising players? Liked how physical Pryor was. Banogu showed up on big stage. Several freshmen. Guys gotta see the trees not the forest.
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  5. Rotated DL. Corey Bethley. Should have played more.
  6. Flipping switch to SMU? Two good wideouts.
  7. Ridwan. got fooled a couple of times. Gaines helped on nickel package.

    Happy with tackling. Fresh players who aren't banged up are going to tackle better.

    Progressing on D? One of the fastest ones. Doesn't matter if not physical. Our 2's at end have to come along and get healthy. (Ty and Collier)
  8. D Tackle position is better because we played 8-9 guys.

    Hill - can't throw across body. every play doesn't need to be a great play. have a lot of work to do to win against teams that score more.
  9. Got to get ready to play. Emotional game vs SMU. They are trying to be metroplex champions. They have gotten better, play hard on D, better skill players.
  10. judge other coaches by how hard their teams play.

    TCU O Line - chance to get better. Need Niang to play more.
  11. Gotta love rivalries.

    Think our kids relate more to 6-7 than SMU game reminder from 12 years ago.

    Teaching moments? Sewo's celebration - LT handed ball to official. I understand the excitement, ok if its natural. if they rehearsed it on Thursday ...
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    I wish I scored touchdowns so I could have celebrated.

    Its week 3. Trying to grow team up. Don't think we as coaches did enough to get better between week 1 and 2.
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  13. If you want to go on road on SEC and win, that's how you have to play. That's not the game plan in other places. They are so methodical.

    Slanina - questionable this week. could be back
  15. Good stuff, thanks!
  16. We need to make a GP drinking game. :D
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  17. Thanks don!
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  18. Any word on Graham? Is he hurt? In the doghouse? Both? Redshirting?
  19. Grow 'em up!
    Win by 1!

    We'd be slammed in no time.
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  20. You guys never listen to me. I've been saying it all year!
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