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SI: Power 5 Leaders Exploring Possibility of Staging Their Own Fall Sports Championships

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by CryptoMiner, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Is this a good thing?

    Power 5 Leaders Exploring Possibility of Staging Their Own Fall Sports Championships


    In anticipation of the NCAA Board of Governors potentially canceling or postponing fall sports championships, Power 5 conference leaders have begun exploring the possibility of staging their own championships in those affected sports, multiple sources have told Sports Illustrated. This could be seen as a first step toward a long-theorized breakaway from the NCAA by the 65 schools that play college sports at the highest level.

    The Board of Governors, comprised primarily of university presidents and chancellors from all levels of the NCAA, has a meeting scheduled for Tuesday. At that time it is expected to make a decision on the fate of fall sports championships other than FBS football, which has a championship outside the NCAA structure. However, the board also could delay action until later in August.

    In recent days, Power 5 conference officials began seeking feedback from their members about the feasibility of staging their own championships during the fall, sources told SI. When asked if such a move away from the NCAA championship structure could be seen as a precedent-setting rift between the national governing body of college sports and the Power 5, one athletic director said, "If I were (NCAA president Mark) Emmert, I'd be really worried about it. He's got to keep the Power 5 together."
  2. first step in the power 5 splitting from the ncaa?
  3. Maybe or at least an attempt to influence the discussion and decision.
  4. My biggest fear of the P5 splitting from the NCAA always has been, and always will be, the death of the NCAA tournament. If it happens, March Madness as we know it is history
  5. Just football.
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  6. this is the key. the p5 have control of the television contracts for football and if i understand correctly the playoffs are not under control of the ncaa

    what would be at risk to me would be the bowl games
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  7. Initially the Power 5, P5 if you will, would begin to be the voice of the member schools when discussions about any aspects of their relationship with the NCAA. This is overwhelmingly potent at the bargaining table. Eventually the NCAA will cease to control and monitor these institutions which will serve to make them rich and powerful. It is a bit scary.
  8. What's scary? Do you think the NCAA currently has much of any control over the P5 schools?
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  9. I worry that the SEC will essentially be in control.
  10. agreed, look at the spending going on at THE ohio state, bama, clemson, texas, atm, etc....

    look at the budgets, the salaries, the revenues flowing through some of these programs and what control does the ncaa have over these programs?

    look at the fiasco with fields transfer from uga to THE ohio state and his being deemed immediately eligible yet his sister is still on the uga softball team. the environment in athens is racially hostile towards justin yet his parents are okay with their daughter going to school at uga?
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  11. Control of what? Why would the other conferences even consider that to be an option.
  12. The SEC and Big 10 certainly have some degree of political sway due to the massive amounts of money they both make. But they will never exercise any real power over other P5s. No single conference can just take their ball and go home. They all make the most money by continuing to work together.
  13. What about the minor ($$$) sports? Football and Basketball being the major ones; Basketball is on the cusp.
  14. would seem for this evolution to truly take place the p5's are going to have to merge together into some type of loose confederation or organization. don't see the big 10 and sec willingly giving up control of their television contracts, but do think there will need to be some basic rules and guidelines.

    my preference if they did make the leap is get rid of the [ deposit from a bull that looks like Art Briles ] committee, go to auto qualifiers to the conference champs, and then the additional play off slots being decided by a formula
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  15. my understanding is the ncaa controls the post season basketball contracts and believe the ncaa controls much of the other sports tv contracts.
  16. NAFTA-/USMCA (i.e. NCAA 2.0)
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  17. No way will tv revenues ever be shared between conferences.

    You could potentially see everyone's tv contracts be worth more if you only have P5 schools playing other P5 schools 12 games per year. You also would see increased revenue from an expanded playoff (with 5 auto bids as you mention), the P5 taking total control over all of their bowl games, and no more sharing revenue with needing to allow a G5 team into a major bowl every year. So in those ways you get increased revenue without any type of tv revenue sharing. The Big 10 and SEC would simply absorb the other conferences before sharing tv revenue with them.
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  18. agree, i don't foresee an nfl style organization being formed simply because too much money and power are at stake with way too many egos to be sated.
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  19. You already have the big powerful schools sharing revenue with the smaller schools in their own conference. I'm sure Ohio St can't stand the idea that some of their money goes to Indiana and Northwestern. No way are they going to also start sharing with Stanford and Wake Forest.
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  20. And they will be able without much difficulty to become semi-pro teams, which is what the Big Cigars have wanted all along....
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