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Shaka leaving UT

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Frog45, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. What does Lincoln Riley think?
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  3. Should Beard have to sit out a year?
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  4. B1G can talk 45 years of attendance smack (page 20). Too bad they stopped winning championships in the 80s.
  5. And the hits keep coming, lol
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  6. original name is longhorn from hurst-euless-beford
  7. why? he was 51-56 in the big 12 play during his time in austin with all those top recruits and high draft picks

    shaka's fame is off one run with vcu and if you pull out the crap wins each year his teams underachieved at texas. how he convinced marquette he is the guy for them is beyond me
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  8. My tech friends, including roddog are sweating the possibility of beard leaving. I cannot help myself in pushing the narrative he will leave.
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  9. Why wouldn't he go? He went to school there. They are opening a new arena. Money is no object.
  10. I know he went to school in Austin and he said that was the one school he would leave Tech for but he fits the Tech mode. He’s quirky, he’s stubborn..... he’s just himself in Lubbock. Kids live in Abilene And his wife/fiancé coaches at Frenship. It’s going to be a tough decision....... I think he stays.
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  11. Abilene to Austin is a journey made for private airplane travel. That could certainly be arranged for Coach Beard's kids. There's a TON of high school coaching gigs that would be open to UTx influence, in this area.

    The Austin newspaper as much as says it's Beard unless there's an unexpected snag. That snag may be, he would likely be paid more than Sarkisian (sp?) is being paid in his first year at UTx, not to mention a $4mm (as of April fool's day) buyout that would be owed to TTech.

    We'll see soon enough. The Austin paper's first choice after Beard is Calipari, and that my say something about that paper's predictions.
  12. if the statesman said it is a done thing expect the coach from arkansas

    cailpari? they want to go on probation?
  13. i think it’s been long established UT is exempt from any NCAA punitive measures...

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