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Seniors returning for 2021 .?.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by asleep003, Jan 11, 2021.

  1. There been any seniors that have committed yet... or a small list already started up....
  2. Joe Biden is the one senior I wouldn't count on in 2021.
  3. Very excited there will be an adult in the Oval Office for a change !
  4. An adult with dementia. With a VP named Tamale.
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  5. Y'all just can't freaking help yourselves can you?
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  6. Is Mark Jackson Jr in play for next year... where was he this year. He had a very nice year in 2018 for the Sooners !
  7. Lighten up and just enjoy a little humor
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  8. Of Depends? Haha. I crack myself up.
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  9. Adult diaper...
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fornicate baylor!!
  10. You may be wearing one, one day yourself my friend ... LOL !!
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  11. Let's get back on the track ... any info at all on Mark Jackson Jr..?..
  12. I sincerely doubt it since he never really tried to play this year...
  13. Hummm ... too bad. It would be nice to have his 2018 season he had with the Sooners... in our DEs 2 deep next year...
  14. I believe Mark is finishing school and will not be playing post-injury.
  15. Know of any nice surprises coming back ... or is it too early to know. The Staff may need to know for recruiting #s ... don't believe there is an unlimited roster #s for 2021.
  16. If only there were a website with all this information...
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  17. I can recommend some good sites.
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  19. Now do Trump....Trump wore Depends all the time but he was so full of it it still leaked out, hahahahaha!

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