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SB Nation: Countdown to Kickoff 2024: 86 Days


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Countdown to Kickoff 2024: 86 Days​

By Anthony North


Not many programs can boast a Tight End from the 1980s-90s as its all-time leader in receptions and a top-ten all-time in receiving yards. Kelly Blackwell was that unicorn for the Horned Frogs; his 181 career receptions still stands atop the TCU leaderboard and his 2,155 receiving yards is tenth all time, despite playing in an era with fewer regular season games and when the Frogs made zero postseason games.

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Was I supposed to type something here?
My favorite play of his was a well-executed fake FG. IIRC, he went to the Bears briefly after TCU.


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Savvy player to look over shoulder and switch the ball away from the pursuit.
Wish all our players could learn from that.