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Rewatching the 2018 Cheez - it Bowl

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by JAB331, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. No game today for TCU or SMU (not sure why they aren't playing each other), so I'm going to watch the bowl game from our last "winning" season.

    Why you might ask? Well, our offense hasn't gotten any better since then and our defense played lights out. With CGP saying he's going to "evaluate the offense at the end of the session" again, which I think he's now said three years in a row, this game seems to be the best of what we can expect going forward, at least while he's at the helm. Also, it's the most hilarious football game I've ever seen..!
  2. Because I just saw two forward passes by TCU leading to an interception, followed by another interception of Cal on the next play. The scary thing is how much better this TCU team is than our current one (except for the quarterback). And wow Cumbie is a horrible coach, soo much talent squandered...

    Oops, there was just another interception while I typed this..! (13:09 second quarter).
  3. this is simpler

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  4. One of the surprising things (to me at least) is how much better our D was, especially our D-line. It's very clear we've just been mediocre on defense since then. So what exactly is Patterson doing with his time..?
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    To start the 3rd quarter (15:00), TCU has the ball and we get a penalty on first down for 12 people in the huddle - amazing that OC still has a job.

    Our offensive line is garbage even though we have really good players - of course that's been the case since... (Muelstine just threw a pass over the line of scrimmage and it was intercepted ) How long has Anderson been a TCU coach again..?

    Jalen Reagor 0 receptions and 0 yards. How's that for utilizing a future first round draft pick!
  6. Why?



    I beg you to stop!

  7. I will probably watch the Alamo bowl against Oregon for bowl season this year since it's unlikely we will be participating. That was my favorite bowl game ever (Peach bowl and Rose bowl are close seconds)! Also, hopefully this will make watching TCU vs KU bearable and I'll be pleasantly surprised, hopefully no #buttfumble this year.

    I'm a little worried that I'll be watching past TCU games going forward because I'm not optimistic about future ones, but more about that after I finish watching this one and confirm my suspicions.
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  8. You make me SICK! lol

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  9. Total loss of credibility IMO. Placing Alamo before Rose under any circumstance is disqualifying.
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  10. Alamo is the case study for playing like garbage for 2.5 quarters and then having to make up for it at the end. There's about a half dozen officiating calls that had to go the way they did in order for TCU to come out ahead.
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    Which game was picked up by Disney for an option on a movie?

    Edit: also one of my best friends is a Duck's fan and when we were unranked in the MWC he called us a high school team. I told him we would be just as good or better than the Ducks under CGP. I watched this game at his house and he had his 7 year old talking trash to me at half, so yeah, this was the best game *ever* for me personally!! So maybe give a fellow grad the benefit of the doubt and hold off on the shade until you know the whole story hoss.
  12. I will share this after the season :p

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