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Regional Baseball Thread


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Not at all. At some point, the relentless drive for winning and money, at the expense of all other things, drives people away. The choice to hire that person made me reconsider things quite a bit, as to what TCU stands for anymore. The outlook is not good.
Big time college football is pro sports now. Like it or not, it's all about winning and money.


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Hey this is the college baseball thread, why don't we not pollute it with mentions of that dirtbag?

The only dirtbags that should be in this thread are TCU_Dirtbag and long beach state, who didn't make the post season. so.


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Not looking good for him...Tigers down 4-0 in the top of the 3rd.
Vail is doing his best impersonation of a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree GIF by Daisy Lemon