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Raeger a Stiller?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, Mar 24, 2020 at 10:18 AM.

  1. Steel listens to Picksburgh sports radio at work from time to time, and yesterday afternoon they were looking at possible draft targets for the Stillers' first pick, which is #49 overall in second round cause they traded their #1 pick for M Fitz.

    Anyway, there was extended discussion of Raeger, and how his numbers looked terrible for him because his O and QB were so bad.

    One stat they cited was that THIRTY PERCENT of the balls thrown to him were "catchable." The commentators had never seen a number that low before.

    Anyway the commentators thought (hoped) he'd be available at 49 for the Stillers to grab.

    If his attitude improves could be good.
  2. The QB play he had to play with was flat out horrible. If he would have had a QB like Boykin he would hold every TCU record. Some on here are down on him but every evaluation I have read on him all mention how bad the QB play was. Some on here think Max is the next great thing but if you look at the numbers that logic is very questionable. I hope he is but he struggled last year, as did our entire offense.
  3. So you thought Boykin was great his first year?
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  4. I don’t think that’s the argument he made...
  5. Comparing a redshirt Junior/Senior QB to a true Freshman is generally not fair. I am sure you can find lots of QBs who were much better their Senior year than Burrow was his Freshman year, too.
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  6. Yeah, lets let Reagor go to the crapsack Steelers!
    Stupid. Kill the OP.
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  7. Of course not, I would say Max might have the edge especially considering Tre was a redshirt freshman when he had to play. Tre was much more explosive and elusive it seemed but Max was the better QB, IMO. My point is the QB play he had to play with was always below average compared to the other top WRs in this year's draft.
  8. What I responded to was your comment that Max's numbers from his true freshman year made the logic that he would be good "very questionable".

    Reagor did have a QB like Boykin but had him the wrong year. Next couple years Max will likely show that he is as good as TB. Uh, phrasing. As good as Trevone. If we have a season.
  9. Delete thread! Ban 2314! Kill Steelfrog!
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  10. What does this have to do with Coronavirus? Delete thread/Ban user.
  11. I sure hope we have a season and I am sure Max will be a lot better but you must admit Reagor always played with poor qb play. He put up good numbers with Shawn and Mike but he is being compared to guys who had Tua, Burrow in his prime, Mayfield, Murray, Hurts, and some QB out of Clemson who many think is a for sure number one pick. I think Reagor would have done very well.

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