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R.I.P. John Madden


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@tetonfrog -- Looks like the ball bounced off the Raiders' Tatum, not the Steelers' receiver. And I think it's pretty clear that Harris caught the ball. That's what you're talking about, right?

*EDIT* Dang Youtube won't let me attach the video because its NFL property. Just search "immaculate reception" and see for yourself.
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Watched the documentary on him Sunday. It was really good. He excelled at three professions. A larger than life fun-loving character.
Yeah I hadn't heard it was coming and when I saw it I figured he had just died. Looked it up and saw that this wasn't the case. Whew!



Was I supposed to type something here?
One of my usual stops on the Palm Springs-to-Houston run was in Van Horn, TX: Chuy's Mexican Restaurant (not connected with the famous chain). A little joint on the side of the road in a dusty West Texas town. It isn't much from the outside, but it has covered parking, and the inside of the place is covered in College Football swag from all over left by people driving one way or the other to follow their team. Madden stopped in there often, and left memorabilia each time.

He was a happy fellow, and didn't take it all so deadly serious. He was having fun, and it was always infectious.