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Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jack the weed, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Can you break down what the rulebook says regarding the last play?

    Tell me if I have this right? The safety amounted to a defensive score, much like a pick six. The rules are designed not to punish a defensive score when the offensive team commits a live action penalty. Also, penalties (except personal fouls) do not carry over to the next play after a score.
    There was clearly 1 second left after the safety. Herman could have elected to take those points off the board, but we would have then been subjected to a 10 second run off to end the game.

    Any of that close?
  2. This is a very convoluted scenario. Let me preface it by saying the the R was incorrect. However, the only complaint that UT fans night have is that they could have accepted the foul, which takes the points off the board, and made TCU snap it again, hoping they mishandled the snap, which they might have returned for a score. There would have been no ten second runoff. And a 10 yard foul doesn’t carry over to the KO. I “think” I have it right.
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  3. FWIW - that scenario is practiced every week under the assumption it will be called the way it was. I.e. time runs out and the game is over. Holding is coached and expected to make the play go on longer to burn as much clock as possible. Take the safety at the last possible second. If time runs out, even better, if not, leave them less than 5 seconds on the kickoff.
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