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Put Reagor in the backfield again to get more touches....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Punter1, Nov 10, 2019 at 4:56 PM.

  1. We did this last year against Okie Lite and Baylor and had success. Reag NEEDS more then 10 offensive touches a game and if Cumbie can't figure out easy ways to throw it to him then pitch it to him and run.

    Then run some boot legs (which we should have done in OT) or play actions off of it. That opens up the playbook bigtime and makes the defense

    You know Cumbie is coaching for his life when he won't call anymore trick plays or anything unconventional...fearing failure and the full wrath of GP. But this offense needs some unconventional plays to move the ball. Finding ways to easily get Reag (and Barber for that matter) is where to start.
  2. We did this and he fell down. We did it again and he bobbled the exchange and was able to make something out of it and would have had more had our RT not just quit on the play.
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    He’s not having a good year. I am not sure I’ve ever seen someone regress as much as it seems he has in every aspect of his game.
    I’m okay with fewer touches for him. The second and third string players need to start getting the attention to get them ready.
  4. I’m done worrying about him getting the ball, although I’ve never been too concerned about it. He needs to do better when his number is called, and even when it’s not.
  5. Could not agree more. Some leadership would be nice.
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  6. Wouldn't surprise me to see him transfer out. His Dad knows he's not going in the 1st. or maybe even the 2nd. round. He is probably more of a problem than we know about, primas usually are. Would not surprise me to see him in Dallas where they really throw the ball.
  7. Great...more chances for him to fumble. No thanks.
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  8. Watching his play and the receivers generally, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the old receivers’ coach was better than the new one who had very little coaching experience to get a P5 job.
  9. Dude does a mean fair catch on punts though.
  10. FIFY

    If he's not getting the ball, he seems to mail it in. Doesn't block on runs, doesn't run routes at full speed, drops the ball on easy catches. Makes great circus catches, but I'd like to see the ratio of catches to targets.

    Actually, scratch that. I don't want to see that. Already bummed enough.
  11. Doubt he has enough hours to be a grad transfer and no way he gets a hardship anywhere.

    But I agree...he needs another year to get his draft stock up. He has dropped 30 spots this year.
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  12. I hate resorting to the past because i'd like to think we have great players on this team but Turpin was really a game changer.

    You knew you can depend on him to create something when we needed it.

    We need to find another Turpin...Doctson, Boykin on the team.

    I thought Reagor was going to be it but he isn't.
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  13. More than that...
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  14. Yep, under-whelming this year.
  15. You think he wants to sit out a year?
  16. Kinda where I’m at. I feel like we should be getting him the ball way more often but at the same time what has he done to really warrant it. Yeah, he’s our best WR, but that’s probably not saying much.
  17. Better than staying here.
  18. "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
    -Probably a president or somebody like Churchill
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  19. I could see his frustration at the beginning but now his lack of touches is completely warranted. He has the drops just as bad as any receiver on the roster, he continues to muff punts (although he has improved there so big kudos for adjusting), and he quits on routes and doesn't block. I see no reason why you are going to continue to target a guy like that. I think deep down Reagor's heart is in it but his head is telling him different things. He is pressing so much this year. Watching him fall over himself in the backfield was just as painful for me watching as I felt for him. Don't know what is going on but I hope he clears his mind and starts playing like he is capable of.

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