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PressBox DFW: TCU's balancing act at QB continues

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Sep 13, 2019 at 7:36 AM.

  1. PressBox DFW: TCU's balancing act at QB continues


    TCU football is trying to pull off an ambitious balancing act. It will take a lot of skill and care at the game’s most critical position.

    The Horned Frogs are going to see if they can win with one style and level of experience at quarterback while training another. Or two. Or three.

    How long the attempt goes and its results will continue to shape the direction of TCU and what it gets out of its signal-callers.

    Read more at: https://www.pressboxdfw.com/tcus-balancing-act-at-qb-continues/
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  2. Great news that haven't see or heard. A newly eligible Baldwin.
  3. Delton may very well turn out to be the best option going forward and if that’s the case I’m all for it...However, it sure as hell isn’t pretty football when he’s on the field. Every damn play seems like a grind that could blow up into disaster at any time. After this one we should expect some separation between he and Duggan. If we don’t then I expect we will have gotten beat pretty handily
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  4. he has been eligible for a bit, but hasn't been healthy enough to go through full practice
  5. We've played one game. GIve Delton some slack. Though I still say play them about 50/50 as long as we're controlling the game.
  6. duggan is going to be the future qb,, i have no doubts..maybe he wont start this year, but will the next 3 yrs i suspect. his dad was coach, won the elite qb contest last yr, which in itself quite a accomplishment for duggan.....i would not be suprised if he does not start sometime this year....duggan has a strong arm, and he has speed and wheels on him.
  7. We are probably going to have to score points to win today. Purdue will likely challenge us to keep pace. If that happens, that in itself will kill off this QB rotation.
  8. If the results last week continue, and we don’t make Duggan the starter, something is wrong. If they’re the same caliber, play the true freshman with no limit on his ceiling. I also hope they allow Duggan to run today so that we hear less about Delton.
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  9. Yes, most likely.
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