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PressBox DFW: TCU still struggling with the Freshman Four

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Gil LeBreton, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. PressBox DFW: TCU still struggling with the Freshman Four


    The head coach was right. It’s Baylor week.

    And we ought to be talking about TCU’s chances of utterly ruining the Bears’ dream of a season.

    Instead, there’s this quarterback thing, where Horned Frogs quarterbacks are disappearing like leftover Halloween candy, and TCU coach Gary Patterson publicly wondered why that’s the story, and not whether his defense can stop Charlie Brewer.

    He knows better, of course.

    Read more at: https://www.pressboxdfw.com/tcu-still-struggling-with-the-freshman-four/
  2. Great graph from Gil's article.

    He knows better, of course. Patterson’s lame line Tuesday — “We’re trying to win a ballgame, and all you guys are wanting to know if you can sell papers or not” — was more soundbite than substance. (Trust me, coach. Nobody is selling newspapers these days, especially that made-in-California rag that covers your team each week).
  3. Great article Gil.
  4. Startlegram isn’t even made in Fort Worth?!
  5. Gilliam... maybe someone needs to bring back the FT. W Press
  6. I'm just old I guess but I remember when football was about about the game and the players who stayed four (and only four) years and wanted an education as much as playing the game. Media was not social or socialistic but it could also be tough. Gill you are correct about how all this is getting out of hand. But I think so are we who think of themselves as "fans". The constant sniping we hear at each other and with Patterson doing it too makes the whole thing seem petty and unworthy of our attention. I only wonder and I guess I really know, if this is now the new normal and if it is that really rather sucks.
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  7. Amazing how someone who actually knows how to write can bring some clarity the facts....Well done Gil.
  8. Daaaaaaayum, Gil comin' down off the top rope, bringin' a load! TBH, though, I feel more comfortable when Gary is pissed and Gil is amused. :)
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  9. It isn't paginated in Fort Worth.
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    From the column: It’s the TCU coaching staff that made the decision to scuttle the season — whether Patterson wants to call it that or not — by thrusting true freshman Max Duggan into the No. 1 fire.

    Whoa, Gil. Kinda harsh. Coaches' decision to scuttle the season? Max was the best, healthiest choice we had at the time after Delton couldn't cut it. We all knew we'd have freshman growing pains. It’s not the season we wanted. But I'm not ready to say it's a lost season. Go Frogs! Beat Baylor!

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