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Prediction Thread: Frogs v Cats

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Portland Frog, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. The Cats rarely beat themselves. This year the frogs reverse last year's result by controlling the clock with balanced offense and success on the ground. The defense of course does it's job of containing the run and keeping the passing game in check for the most part. Special teams shine.

    Frogs 38 Cats 27
  2. K-State has the best rush defense we've played thus far, and the 109th best rushing defense in the country just showed them the blueprint of how to shut us down. To me, that's what's going to decide the game.

    Their QB is OK, but not the level we've seen the last two games. Our rush defense is stout. The thing that concerns me is the K-State special of fake the QB draw and pop it over the middle. That might work against us a few times, but I don't see them getting more than 24 points. Question is can our pass game open up enough to score more than that?
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  3. It's looking more and more likely that Ertz is not playing.

    TCU - 24
    KState - 17
  4. TCU- 35
    KState- 13
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  5. Agree with this. Not only that, but those shallow crossing routes take a 5-7 yard chunk every time, and it's one of the only weaknesses of our defense.
  6. We roll, 42-14.
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  7. 38-24 frogs.
  8. Weather could make this interesting.

    Looks like a 70% chance of rain.
  9. I predict a "RTDB!" response to this news.
  10. Give me Frogs 34- KSU 17
  11. Horned Frogs 33
    Wildcats. 23
  12. In a number of ways, but it would reduce the advantage that ksu has at pk.
  13. Our DL is finally big enough to push back on those big OL that KSU always runs out. we have two RBs go over 100 yards.

    tcu - 28
    ksu - 10
  14. Frogs - 38
    Cats - 13
  15. I like the Horned Frogs - 31 to 14.
  16. Frogs 41
    KSU 20
  17. KState is soul searching right now. They're trying to convince their fans and themselves that they're as good as people thought they would be this year.

    If we can get ahead early with some quick scores/ turnovers, we may demoralize them and have a relatively easy win where we're in control the entire game.

    I more realistically expect another sloppy battle (especially if it rains) that goes back and forth, with Kstate keeping it frustratingly close. Lots of bitching and moanig in the game thread about how we suck.

    Frogs are tied 27-27 midway thru the 4th. JSong kicks a field goal for the lead. Defense holds Kstate and DA6 breaks a run to put the game away on our final possession.

    37-27 frogs.
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  18. They are starting a backup QB that really can’t throw. Can’t imagine that kids in for a fun night. Hopefully Coach P writes him a handwritten apology after.

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