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Power 5 Schools ranked on total athletics

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Atom, Jul 2, 2019.

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  3. Pretty dumb. Read A&M at 12 and tell me the difference besides $EC
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  4. West coast bias is really dumb.
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  6. There would be protests...
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  7. Training young men and women to be snipers...
  8. Exactly, or just the mere mention of rifle...
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  9. system isn't based upon geographic bias or emphasis on conferences.

    here are the links to scoring structure and the point standings for the 2018-19 seasons.



    emphasis is based upon rewarding athletic departments that offer a diversity of sports and are successful across the board,

    curious how some would set up the scoring criteria to measure the success of an overall athletic program
  10. Is this not the same as the Sears Cup?
  11. name change as sears is um.....having money problems
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  12. So, it is the Cup Formerly Known as the Sears Cup?
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  13. How is A&M 12 when "The only thing lacking are actual national championships..."

    They just talk about the money they have.
  14. Most of the schools in the top ten participate in a greater # of sports. Just like Stanford, those schools will always have a leg up on the smaller schools who don't participate in nearly as many sports
  15. I was trained in rifle marksmanship at TCU while in ROTC. It came in handy while engaging in combat endeavors against communists in Vietnam. BTW, happy 4th of July!
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  16. I was kidding. I own a 9mm, a .22, an AR-15, etc. I am on your side. Thanks for your service.
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  17. Sears can't pay the sponsorship fee any more. Unless it's for a regular size cup, like a teacup.
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