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Post Texas lookahead lines....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. +2.5 at Oklahoma State

    PK vs. Baylor

    -4.5 at Texas Tech

    +17 at Oklahoma

    -15.5 vs. West Virginia
  2. Didn't realize WV was that bad. So there's no hope for them in Waco tomorrow?
  3. I mean, scheiss Baylor now and forever and all, but "pick 'em" seems an interesting line for a likely undefeated Baylor team vs an either 5-3 or 4-4 Frog squad. Is a key player out injured? It goes without saying, of course, that handing the Rapists their first loss and shattering whatever CFP dreams they hold would be very sweet.

    The rest seem reasonable (Okie Lite is very hot or cold, OU will be out for blood the rest of the season, Tech...up and down as well).
  4. They lost their best defender/leading tackler a couple weeks back.
  5. Vegas has no love for TCU against Lincoln Riley.
  6. Not surprised by that at all... We have been awful against Riley.
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  7. Have to remember that it took a last second FG to beat Iowa State and they should have lost against Tech but the refs bailed them out. Baylor is good, but they've just played super clutch football in the 4Q and squeaked out of games.
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  8. Nor should they.
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  9. Don’t forget that 8 point win against Rice
  10. Yep
  11. Until LRBWHCGMFP figures out a way to keep it closer than 17, they shouldn't.
  12. @LVH do you have look ahead lines for Ohio State or LSU this year?
  13. When Baylor host OU - that is the day when Baylor drops out of the top 25. We hug w/ them thur two overtimes and we're not that good.
  14. Ohio State -5 vs. LSU

    Ohio State -4 vs. Clemson

    Clemson -1 vs. LSU

    TCU Games

    +18 at Oklahoma

    -17 vs. West Virginia

    In my own personal betting model Ohio State is the highest rated team ever going back to 2006 when the ratings begin.
  15. thanks, very interesting. Do you have OSU vs. PSU or OSU vs. Michigan?

    surprised at the WVU line for us.
  16. Id take LSU in a heartbeat against Clemson
  17. So what part of Ohio are you from?

    Isn't that how this works?
  18. Ohio State -17.5 vs. Penn State

    Ohio State -10 at Michigan

    Also, if re-run lines(if the game were to be played again)

    -7.5 at Purdue

    -6 vs. SMU

    -20 vs. Kansas

    +8 at Iowa State

    +4 at Kansas State

    -2 vs. Texas

    +4 at Oklahoma State

    -2 vs. Baylor (despite the loss, our line would be improved from what it closed at)

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