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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by bleedpurple, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Offense: DA

    Defense: Summers

    ST: turp

  2. offense: the offensive line.

    defense: broadnax and collier

    st: bunce, he channels the great tcu kickers from arlington of the past and puts the frogs over the top at the final gun
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  3. Offense: SRobinson

    Defense: Bethley
  4. Offense: Reagor’s hands

    Defense: Gaines and Gladney

    ST: Kick coverage
  5. Offense : I think it’s going to be an unsung guy like Derius Davis or Barber

    Defense : Give me Gaines and Banogu

    Special Teams: Fair Catch City (no chance They kick to Turp) and Song gets the nod in this one
  6. DA
    Bunce (though Turp houses a kickoff return).
  7. O: SR's arm. Legs are gonna be fine, just gotta make sure his arm plays as well as his legs
    D: Banogu. Gotta make sure you put pressure on the blind side against a true sophomore OL
    TCU Cheerleaders... its no contest
  8. Want to see Demercado get some earlier runs, when it counts. To me he has looked as good as anything we have at RB, at least in his mop-up time runs. Definitely the most product offensive player not on the depth chart.

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