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Philadelphia Inquirer: Reagor ‘is one of those rare players who can do it all'

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, May 20, 2020.

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    Eagles top draft pick Jalen Reagor ‘is one of those rare players who can do it all,’ says his college WR coach

    by Paul Domowitch

    Time will tell whether the Eagles made the correct decision last month when they selected TCU’s Jalen Reagor over fellow receiver Justin Jefferson in the first round of the draft.

    The Eagles took Reagor with the 21st overall pick. LSU’s Jefferson, rated higher by most armchair draft analysts, went one pick later to the Minnesota Vikings.

    Read more at https://www.inquirer.com/eagles/jalen-reagor-eagles-nfl-draft-justin-jefferson-20200519.html
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  2. Excited to see what Reagor can do in the pros. I’ll be rooting for him.
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  3. Me2.

    I don't get into pro ball all that much and usually only watch the Steelers or Eagles when Mrs. Philly arrogates the remote control.

    I'll watch the Eagles now just for him.

    [We also have another TCU product on that team but he's 2nd string. https://section215.com/2020/04/06/philadelphia-eagles-pressure-matt-pryor/ ]
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