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  1. I would say a good chunk of my frustrations with this season came because of penalties, and many of those seemed to be momentum killers.

    I looked up the official stats - out of 130 teams:

    • 109th penalty yards
    • T-82nd in penalties per game (6.5)
    • 98th in penalty yards per game (61.33)

    It doesn't have a breakdown of the penalties, would be curious to see that as well.
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  2. That is a mental issue, discipline seems to be lacking across the board. That can also change overnight.
  3. Penalties cost us a win yesterday. Not even remotely debatable.
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  4. I think it comical that we played in i think I saw 5 games where the other OL wasn’t called for a holding penalty
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  5. funny how the holds against ou last night came after the game was well in hand
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  6. Our offense was just too anemic and unproductive this year to overcome penalties, even false start or delay of game ones. Without a decent passing game, a 5 yarder usually meant a 3 and out..
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  7. I said the same thing talking to my dad on the phone. He said he was watching some window dressing calls in some NBA game and I said I was seeing the same thing in the OU game. Officials will be able to point to the final tally and say “what do you mean we never call OU for holding?”
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