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PATTERSON has to stop it with the PUNTING no matter what

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by WyomingFrog, Oct 25, 2020.

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    PATTERSON - STOP PUNTING ON 4th AND 1 WHEN YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM IS 1-3 FOR SHEEEET SAKES !! I know you are a PE Major in college but please get a Brain !

    Yesterday 7 minutes left in game and down 3 scores and he punts on 4th and 1.

    That CRAP has got to stop !! Fans need to jump all over him for that !! Unacceptable but he is stubborn.

    When asked in post game Press Conference here was his response: "CANT LET THE KIDS GET EMBARRASSED AT THAT POINT" (translation: PATTERSON admits he was playing to not lose by as many points rather than trying to win the game).

    That BS attitude has got to change and change NOW !!

    About a year ago there was a Coach's seminar of P5 Coaches and 10 of them were on a panel. All 10 were asked what they would do in various situations. One of those situations was 4th and 1 in your own territory and down 2 scores with 6 minutes left in game.

    9 out of 10 said GO FOR IT AND TRY TO WIN THE GAME !!

    But nooooooo not Patterson. He punts just the "kiddies" don't get feelings hurt a bit more by another score by opponent. Really !!

    And CGP - THEY AINT "KIDS" as you call them. They are young men and they want to win !! Did you see DUGGAN on the sideline chewing out coaches for not going for it ? He was pizzzzed !!

    Thanks Coaches !! Way to go conceding the loss and not letting the "little kiddies" as you call them - try to win the game.

    Unreal !!
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  2. Patterson -

    if you punt on 4th and 1 again vs Gaylor I hope TCU fans start boooing you even as great as you have been at FrogTown.

    That sheeeett has gotta STOP ! Now !

    Your team is 1-3. STOP with the horsesheeeet philosophy of trying to not lose by as much by punting even if it’s 4th and inches.

    where in the helllll did you pick up this bulllsheeeeit idea that punting no matter what is a great idea ?

    IT SUCKS ! And your players are downright pizzzzed off about it.

    Coach - Did you see DUGGAN on the sideline Furious and chewing out an Asst Coach for your dumb decision to punt on 4th and inches in 4th qtr With 7 mins left in game and down 3 scores ?

    i love CGP but if he ever ever does this again he needs to be booed right out of the stadium !
  3. i want to agree that we should punt less but at the same time it’s tough for me to look at the offense and coaching staff and think that the offense could do anything productive on 4th down.
  4. Gotta give your players at least a chance to win. Punting the ball away is giving up and not even trying.

    give your players a chance to get one yard on a 4th and 1 and if they don’t get it then the loss is on them but at least you let them try. Punting is just giving up and not even trying.

    Might have won the KSU game if Patterson had gone for it on the 3 times in that game that he had a 4th and 1 and just punted it away all 3 times without even giving his guys the chance.

    that crap has to stop especially against a crap team like Failor

    you concede like that to a lousy team like Failor then you deserve to lose !!
  5. One thing is for sure: If you are gonna punt and concede the game DO NOT then come back and claim you used needless and classless timeouts later so you could get the offense more work.
  6. I mean. Does it really matter?
  7. Can we start with not punting when we get inside the other team's 40? Through 4 games we have to be approaching the record for an entire season.
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  8. Is this guy one of the owners or what? Good lord. 5 out of the first 8 topics are by him.

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