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Packers Wire: Packers DB Innis Gaines continues to expand role with snaps from slot


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Packers DB Innis Gaines continues to expand role with snaps from slot​



The more you can do. For fringe roster players battling for a spot on the 53-man, the more areas they can make an impact, the greater their chances are of making the team.

At the safety position, there are two or three roster spots up for grabs in what has become a crowded room, which could lead to some tough decisions for Matt LaFleur and Brian Gutekunst when it’s time to make cuts.

For Innis Gaines, in addition to playing the more traditional roles that come with the safety position, such as playing deep or down in the box, he has also taken snaps recently from the slot.

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Vernon Scott got a mention in an espn article too. And it was just a mention but still.

Early in training camp, Green Bay's defense has mostly had its way with an offense that's led by four-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers but is adjusting to playing without All-Pro receiver Davante Adams. With Vernon Scott replacing Savage in the lineup, the defense's strong play continued.