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Our offensive line

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brevity Frog, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. got whipped all day and is the #1 reason for this loss.
  2. Thomsen needs to fire himself. That was a total disaster
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  3. !Ole’!
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  4. The penalties and whiffs are painful to watch. This years group was not good.
  5. Agreed... the O line play was flat awful...
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  6. Penalties and general ineptitude. Watching Duggan have to run for his life when other teams were only using a 3 man rush got painful to watch. It was game after game.
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  7. Between the OL and WR groups, we never stood a chance to have a good season. Whoever is in charge of those groups needs to reevaluate their coaching career. For how many seniors and juniors we had on the OL, we need some fresh blood to coach this unit next year.

    Then whoever has been working with WRs needs to be horse whipped until they resign.
  8. Nothing works when the OL is bad. Get a real OL coach. We have recruits committed. Get them a good position coach and OC.
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  9. Is it possible that the seniors this year who were not recruited by Thomsen just aren’t fits for what he likes to do and that our young guys from the last couple classes (and this year) that he did recruit will be better? We’ve certainly recruited well at the position since he arrived, especially the last two years.
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  10. The ineptitude of so many of the players in those groups combined with a true frosh QB is the only reason I’d consider giving Sonny a pass in his play calling.
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  11. What’s almost comical in hindsight is that before last year the general consensus was that we were absolutely loaded at WR. Turpin, Jarrison Stewart and Jaelen Austin must have been a hell of a trio. And I’m guessing that hype assumed Omar Manning would be uncoverable in games like he was in practice.
  12. Jalen Reagor was on that team.
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  13. we are supposedly loaded for next year, according to some. but as with other tag lines, we here that too much.
    "we're loaded for next year" "we're young" "injuries" "they stole my signs"
  14. Loaded where? Surely not WR. I’d say we’re loaded at safety. Solid chance for good depth at LB and RB as well IMO.
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  15. Next year will be one of those years where it wouldn’t surprise me if we go 4-8 and it wouldn’t shock me if we go 9-3. Gonna need to be ready right out of the gate because at Cal and at SMU aren’t going to be easy opening the season.
  16. I'd say the fact that they put A Davis, who hasn't hardly played the entire season and stays in the doghouse, as the receiver in single coverage they were throwing to try to win the game tells us all we need to know about how unloaded we are at receiver.
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  17. An OL coach doesn’t just get to do whatever he wants...He has to teach the scheme the OC has. Up until 2 years ago our OL recruiting had dropped off considerably. I think it had to do with the 3 year air raid run where we thought we needed to recruit 7 WRs every year. It was at the expense of quality OL
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  18. The offensive line was the worst part of the team other than the receivers. Duggan was thrown around like a rag doll because of the performance by our offensive line. Thompson needs to re-evaluate his coaching ability. Duggan could have been a little better if we had a line to block for him.
  19. Having a GA coach the OL for 2 years followed by a year of Anderson probably didn't do us any favors with with recruiting or development either.
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  20. This group certainly followed what's been here a number of times in the past: This offense has struggled to get a yard or two when needed often in previous seasons. Let's hope they're recruiting a different caliber lineman. A different recruiting approach is needed at a number of positions.

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