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Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Oct 2, 2016.

    Nobody put that little dipship in his place?
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  2. To be fair every team has a group of fans like this. I have seen TCU fans act worse to the point I had to say something.
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  3. Zero respect for literally every TCU fan in the vicinity. How in the hell do you let that little troll pull that crap??? He claps in my face ONE time and he gets a stern warning he's about to be on his ass. Hell, my 8 year old daughter would have probably popped him.
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  4. Never had a problem with OU fans until yesterday either. The two frat bros sitting in front of us would not shut the darn up and were very disrespectful. Luckily, they went to a tailgate at halftime and never came back.
  5. That would have been stopped real quick and I'm a very patient person.
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  6. Here's the typical Maniac response to a game / loss

    Sunday Afternoon - whine about opposing fans
    Sunday Night - log in as West Side Lower Bowl and post in some thread with a pic
    Monday - continued whine fest about opposing fans / our fans / tailgating culture at TCU / +4 / Big 12 Refs
    Tuesday - starting to get over it
    Wednesday - no posts
    Thursday - darn Baylor
    Friday - beat (insert next team)
    Saturday - GO DARNING FROGS
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  7. Not unlike my experience. We have had visiting fans the enite row behind us every game except SDSU. Sucks ass.
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  8. Did they escort him out? I saw something a few sections over and up from me but didn't see who it was.
  9. Looks like he just needed a step stool to be able to see. Napoleon Complex kinda guy if you ask me.
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  10. I don't mind opposing fans that want to respectfully cheer on their team. We had 4 Arkansas guys right next to us for that game that were loud as hell but we got along great for the entire game. The first time Frodo here pulled that [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] on me we would have had a problem. Well, HE would have.
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  11. I would have caved his chest in if he would have clapped at me like that.
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  12. Shouldn't have sold him that seat....

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  13. I would have taken that hat and flung it wayyyy down.
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  14. Cant believe nobody did/said anything to that midget
  15. He would have been sitting on his head about 4 ailes down if he was near me - maybe with a busted wind pipe! I complimented the good OU plays - hated that our coaches chose to never have anyone stay home on Mayfield. The fans around me were cool - they should be happy for their team as our entire stadium was quiet as a funeral. The second and third quarters were a whopping and truthfully I am still po'd at the pathetic coaching job on our side I watched unfold.

    Maybe the Cowboys rookies can take up some of this seasons slack!
  16. Exactly what I was going to say - little man syndrome
  17. I'm a very cordial fan, and by NO MEANS a tough guy, but I would have shut that little fella down real quick at my normal level of in-game intoxication

    Maniac, you just stood there and filmed it and didn't do anything?
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  18. For the record, all the OU fans I encountered were great yesterday. No problems at all as far as I can remember.
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  19. Same here

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