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Other Games Thread, Week of Oct. 24 (Schadenfreude Thread)

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by BrewingFrog, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Watching the Illinois-Wisconsin match... BTN Broadcast.

    This just in... Illinois still sucks.

    Camp Randall Stadium is empty. Looks eerie. Science Fiction Theatre eerie. Of course, the BTN is piping in fake crowd noise which, paired with the obviously empty stadium, makes it ever eerier. Like the game is being watched by a legion of loud ghosts...
  2. The Mertz kid, starter at QB for Wiscy, has a nice start going: 15 for 15, 200 yds., 4 TD, 0 INT.
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  3. Fred?
  4. Ethel and Fred’s great grandson.
  5. Saturday:

    hook em!
  6. The U-La-La/UAB match turned out to be a pretty good game!
  7. KH just stated concisely the blue blood issue:

    “I’m just going with Texas by default.”
  8. I just tried watching Game Day. Lasted maybe 5 minutes. Does almost nothing for me anymore.
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  9. Agreed. Feels really tired.
  10. Quit agreeing with me. It's unsettling.
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  11. I have been picking up around the house and started listening to the Fox version of game day. I suppose it’s okay but was very interested in a segment they did on offensive play calling. It was hard to listen to that segment and retain any faith that our current coaching staff (the whole staff) is equipped to elevate the program beyond competitively mediocre.
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  12. Fox > ESPN
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  13. Sign of a well coached OL by OU. Must be nice
  14. The DL didn’t even bother to rush the passer
  15. Iowa St is looking good this year!
    I'm jealous.
    (I think that's the opposite of Schadenfreude.)
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  16. I switched over to that game, but glancing in from time to time, I've only seen commercials...
  17. Gee, Okla St just went for it on 4th and <yard. And made it. Players were pumped. Next play Hubbard fought through the line, and scored a td.
    That's how it's supposed to work.
  18. It's a good game!
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  19. ISU kicker fails again
  20. Waddles gone for the season. Bama still beating the Vols like a gov mule.

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