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  1. Sorry if this is s.o. else's lane, did not see it posted.

    Watching Akron Zips QB throw an amazing td, and earlier had a perfect throw dropped. Akron Zips. What is our excuse?
  2. Hill has never thrown two good passes or had half of his good passes dropped?
  3. not singling out hill at all; in three games we have not thrown a td (arkie, isu and ut, by my count).
  4. Why does it matter how you score? Particularly in victories?

    Everyone says run the damn ball, so when we do, the complaint becomes we didn't throw a TD? I can't keep up.
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  5. Just so I understand, some guy threw a touchdown pass on TV, and so now either our offense, our QBs, or both, are terrible because we had three games where all our scores were on the ground?

    I’m literally speechless right now.
    What. The. Actual. Darn.
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  6. We really suck.
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  7. Wonder what some are going to say next year if Darius Anderson rushes for 1,500 yards and the QB's numbers are pedestrian compared to those on teams that throw the ball all the time.

    Wait, I know.

    Play Justin Rogers!
  8. Zips? Racist much??


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