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OT - weird/different/regional sports

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Chongo94, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. With today being the day of the Ocho and ESPN having killed it like they do everything else by showing just absolute junk, it got me wondered what sports or games that are different that y’all enjoy watching.

    From water polo to that knight combat league or even extreme arm wrestling (watch a video if you’re interested), what sports are out there that you’ll watch or have found yourself watching longer than you anticipated.
  2. My first is Kabaddi....it’s from the Indian subcontinent area and it’s like football mixed with tag mixed with red rover. It’s actually kinda cool once you watch it.

  3. And most definitely on my list is Aussie Rules...my man @wes knows all about this one. Love it. Really think Americans would get into it if they saw it more often.

  4. I enjoy the world's strongest man competitions...kind of like a train wreck, you just have to watch.
  5. Rugby (union) and sevens rugby. I played for 9 years and still love to watch it. There's a pro league in the US called Major League Rugby that just finished their second season. Closest teams are Austin and Houston but there's been talk of a Dallas expansion in the future.
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  6. Actually saw some of this league on tv I believe...think it was on nbc sports maybe. They seem to really be pushing to finally nudge their way into American sports consciousness.
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  7. This one and cornhole are the ones I watch when nothing else is on. Occasionally will watch poker if there's really nothing on.

    I'd also like to see a return of American Gladiators. That was outstanding late night sports entertainment 20 years ago.
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    Used to watch this constantly in grad school as cbs sports seemed to show it on a loop. History Channel has some new show with a few of them on it. I just can’t fathom how or why anyone would want to lift the things they do but more power to them.
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  9. Truth right here.
  10. I think scuba diving would be a cool thing. I volunteer to be the first professional on television. Any sponsors?

    That, or pistol shooting competitions.
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  11. Didn't ESPN do a series of commercials with weird (not real) sports? Like dirt diving, face slapping, etc?

    Those were funny.
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    Free-diving seems to have beaten your proposal...I remember back in the day espn used to air some sort of celebrity skeet shooting contest and it was pretty cool.

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  14. It was visually interesting, and capable of producing emotional moments.
  15. Screw free diving. You have to hold your breath for that nonsense. I ain't 'bout dat!
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  16. I’d pay to see a Dick Cheney/Art Briles match.
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  17. I started watching rugby 7s last olympics and it’s fast and fun. Love it.
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  18. Red Bull crashed ice is really fun to watch at a bar and bet shots with friends on who wins each race.

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  19. Red Bull air race is also awesome!


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