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ot: us open at pebble beach

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Eight, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. i haven't paid attention so far, but based upon the fact the radio station i am listening to in my office isn't hammering me with non-stop tiger updates is it safe to presume woods is a bit off the pace so far?

    don't really dislike him as much as dislike getting beaten over the head with non-stop talk about him from the media.
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  2. Back to back bogeys for Tiger on the back means he'll barely make the cut.

    Koepka wore what looked like a ladies Nike cap yesterday.

    Speaking of flowers, look out for Rose (Justin). -1 today but still the clubhouse leader at -7.
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  3. Hoge needs to play the final 6 holes in -1 to make the cut it appears.
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  4. Wow -6 round for Woodland to grab a 2 stroke lead.
  5. Hoge made the cut on the number +2.
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  6. I think it was Woodland wearing the Stars & Stripes shoes yesterday (and maybe today too, I did not see the second round afternoon coverage). Never been a huge fan of GW (nor have I ever disliked the guy), but love when a guy honors his country like that. I hope he wins! He probably won't. But I'll cheer for him now.
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  7. funny how things are always a matter of perspective.

    watching a bit of the us open today and i noticed as scores scroll across the bottom on amateur was 20 over through the first two rounds.

    i would be really happy if i went 81 - 81 at pebble beach, but i am sure he was disappointed with the two rounds.
  8. Woodland is another one of those emotionless golfers. But that probably helps. Always has seemed like a good guy. Rock solid so far at our Open.
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    Woodland last summer was promoting Folds of Honor, a scholarship fund for children of servicemen and women killed in the line of duty. Not sure if he is still doing so or if he is compensated for it. If he's giving up a hat sponsorship to do it, that's a significant gesture.

    Edit: Noticed Woodland wearing Volition America as his primary shirt logo in Round 3. VA appears to be a social-enterprise apparel brand, in partnership with Puma, that contributes a portion of its profits to Folds of Honor. The FoH logo is embedded in the VA logo.
  10. TCU fan sitting behind #1 tee today.
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  11. Woodland's chip on 17 was incredible. One of the best golf shots I've ever seen. He's been incredibly steady today. Could have wavered but held true.
  12. He seems like an all-around solid guy (especially after the family misfortunes...miscarriage and premature birth). He is incredibly humble and shows an abundance of grace.
  13. Love that he wasn’t crawling to the finish. Dude was still taking some decent risk until 18

  14. Crazy with how far Brooks hits the ball
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  15. Darning walked it off!
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  16. Oh yeah! He was the dude that was with the girl with Down's syndrome in Phoenix this year. Seems like a really good dude.

    Hovland has a bright future ahead of him.​
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  17. Did Woodland win?
  18. Yeah, he won with a great thirty foot putt for a birdie on no 15. Gave him the win by three shots. He's got a real looker for a wife, and sorry they didn't show her pictures some. She had to stay home with a sick baby, and pregnant again.. They had twins, but one of them died. It's been a pretty hard year for him and he's done it well. But best of all was the fact that we didn't have to see TW's dejected face incessantly.

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